Salesforce assessment

Salesforce assessment

You're almost done with your 6 weeks of training. Almost up and running as an individual account manager. However, before you're there, we want to test your knowlegde about our CRM system, Salesforce. 

Good luck!

Salesforce assessment

How To Salesforce

Salesforce is a program. It stand for customer relationship management.

We use it to get a nice and clean overview about all potential and to administer them.

A potential customer leaves his informations on our and those will be shortly after that transfered into SalesForce.

From there you can find the information in the tab .

You can choose from different list views. If you are from Germany i.E., you would choose the list.

From there you can pick up your leads and assign it to your name. All leads are by default assigned to  

After this you switch the status from to  

You can also find a part called “Lead Type. All incoming leads are called , which simply means that the client reached out on us, via our website for example.

Don't forget to click on  


Workflow on leadlevel

  • Country
  • Language
  • Cancel workflow
  • Workflow (type)
  • Company name
  • Lead status
  • Lead source
The workflows are dependent on 4 things. Which ones?

What would YOU do?

You've got your leads and you are ready to give them a call. 

Please combine the right solutions to the possible situation

  • Client doesn't pick up the phone
    Hang up, switch the contact attempts to 1 and turn on the 1st follow up workflow
  • Clients picks up and has time to talk
    You start your needs analysis and schedule a demo
  • Clients picks up, but has no time to talk
    Schedule a task/event for another call
  • You schedulded a demo with the client
    You send him an email confirmation about the appointment
  • There is not telefone number in the lead description
    You switch the contact attempts to 7 and turn on the 1st Follow up workflow

Schedule demo

After you went through your needs analysis, where got all the informations that you need from the lead, you schedule a demo. You always offer him  ( today or tomorrow, this week or next week etc.)

After you have succesfully schedulded a demo you sent an to in which you confirm the appointment with date and time and you create a new in SalesForce.

From there you switch the status from Assigned to  .

Preparing the Demo

  • Have the Power Point and Pricing sheet up and runing
  • GoToMeeting and Headset (incl. GoToMeeting Link sent to the Lead)
  • A fresh appel from the fruit bowl to eat something in between
  • Music in the backround to calm yourself down
  • Login screen of your portal

The day has come and you are about to give your demo. What do you need to prepare for that?

Get the demo started

The lead arrived in your GoToMeeting. After greeting him and have a little  you tell the lead what is goint to happen today. You tell the lead that the meeting will be divided in three parts, in this sequence: , and .

By telling this you are converting the lead into an and in an . For this you click on in the lead overview. Once more on on the next page and you are ready to start.

In the opportunity you will add to know what the sale is worth (and what will be addet to your target). In the account you will be able to create .

After the demo

  • you know the monthly price before
  • you know what the lead wants in the system
  • you know how the lead likes in the system / what is the best part
  • the pricing sheet is ready
  • you have eaten the apple
  • you immediately offer a discount on the set up fee
You've done a great demonstration of our software and you are close to the last step: showing the pricing and making the sale. But before you need to be sure that.....

The right sequence after a demo (not closed on the spot)

  • 1.
    Select the right pricebook
  • 2.
    Add the opportunity product
  • 3.
    Create a quote
  • 4.
    Send an afterdemo email, with a quote and a confirmation follow up

After the pricing

The demo went well and the pricing too. What can possibly happen now? Drag and drop once more!
  • The lead wants to start with our software
    Nice! Create the activation link and go through the steps together until you have your sale
  • The lead has to think about it
    Why? Start the objection handeling
  • The lead needs to talk to his manager
    Schedule a follow up in max. of 3 days
  • The lead wants to have a trial
    Recap the part the lead wants to see / schedule a second demo

Create an activation link

So the lead is ready to buy our system. The only thing that stops you from making your sale is the activation link!

This can be done in the Account of the Lead.

Please click the right button on the picture if you want to create the link.

Put In Dem Money Numbers

First page of your activation link.

Which fields are a must to fill out for you?

Click On It!

Put In Dem Products

Tick the fields that are important for you sale

True or False

  • The needs analysis needs to be filled out for every lead
  • The correct follow up sequence to new leads is: first day 3 calls, second day 2 calls, third day 2 calls.
  • The guideline is: not to have more than 20 in contact leads a month
  • After day 1 you'll turn on the workflow
  • There is a workflow for the lead status: assigned, no show and lost contact
  • On opportunity level you need to fill in your urgency argument
  • When closing multiple locations, every location requires a different account & opportunity

Matching the text

  • Demo scheduled with the lead
    Create a new event in Salesforce and send an email confirmation with additional information.
  • After presenting the discount on the set up fee, the prospect is ready to start
    Change the opportunity products, go to the account and create a new activation link.
  • The first of every month is focused on database management
    All the opportunities out the past, "closed lost" all the opportunities. Clean the "in contact" leads.
  • Every lead has to have a task or an event except...
    The assigned, refused and lost leads