Business Model Canvas

The Business Model Canvas is a must have tool for any Entrepreneur. It's your business plan on one page and is particularly useful at the concept stage.  In this module, we are going to introduce you to the canvas, explaining what it is, how and when to use it.  We'll be sharing real examples to help bring it to life for you. Enjoy!

Business Model Canvas Introduction - Click 'Start' to begin learning about the Business Model Canvas

Business Model Canvas - Introducing the What & The Why


What are the main differences between a Business Plan & the Business Model Canvas?

  • It's all on one page
  • It's quick to use & better for use at the concept stage
  • It's great for securing investment
There may be more than one correct answer

Meet the Canvas - Click 'Start' to begin

Meet the Canvas - In this video we show you how the canvas is constructed and what it all means


The customer facing activities are on which side of the canvas? (as you look at it)

  • Right Side
  • Left Side

Customer Segments - Fill in the blanks

If you have more than one customer, capture both in the customer section. Try using different coloured to differentiate between the types.

Cost Structure can be broken into two parts, what are they?

  • Cost of Sale and Operating Costs
  • Margins & Revenue Model

The Canvas in Action

The Canvas in Action - Click 'Start' to begin


Which part of the canvas do the following items belong in?

  • Branding
    Key Activity
  • Packaging
    Key Resource
  • Bottling Plant
    Key Partner
  • Margins
    Revenue Stream
  • e-commerce
  • Males between 25 & 35
    Customer Segment

What are six saints strengths at present?

What are their potential weak areas?

What opportunities do you think they should consider?

What threats might be around the corner?

Final Thoughts - Click 'Start' to begin

Final Thoughts - Click 'Start' to begin


Summary Points

In Summary - The key benefits:

  • The Canvas is speedy and it's visual, it's a great tool to help you figure out all the moving parts
  • Really useful for using as a team as part of a brainstorming exercise
  • It's a working document, should be returned to and built upon, not forgotten about
  • It's really easy to rip up and start again, so what's stopping you?

Free download of the Canvas from this website

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