Project Conclusion

Project Management is a basic skills set that is required in many professions these days. Imagine being part of a team who are tasked to plan a major event and in doing so having to put together a well designed project plan from scratch to finish, taking into consideration the client's needs, the budget and the extent of your team and resources available. 

Project Planning is hard work, but the reward of completing a project successfully, delivery on the clients requirements and knowing that your team added value and contributed to a successful event is worth the blood sweat and drama.

Module 2: Analyse, Evaluate and Finalise the Project

Who should typically attend a Project Close-out meeting?

  • The Management Team
  • The Client / Sponsor
  • The Project Managers
  • The Service Providers

Ensure the project (event) is concluded successfully

It is essential that the project is concluded successfully for both the client and the participating team members. In doing so, ensure to involve all stakeholders. The first step in closing a project (event) is to collect all the project reports, determine whether the project succeeded or failed and to gather information that can be used as lessons learned.

Conduct a formal Lessons learned meeting and include all the stakeholders such as the management team, all project managers and their supporting staff.

The close-out should confirm whether the project (event) has met all the sponsor/client’s and other participant’s requirements.

Provide feedback to team members by concluding the event (project) with a formal project close-out (review and evaluate) meeting. A typical Agenda should include:






  • Review Project (Event) Objectives / goal
  • Confirm list of team members/stakeholders and the roles & responsibilities they played in the project.



  • Project Goals & Objectives
  • Project Completion Criteria
  • Success Criteria



  • What contributed to the success of the project?


Improvements Required

  • Identify areas for project process improvement
  • Identify areas of improvement in resources


Lessons Learned

  • How can we replicate the success we had on our success in future projects?
  • How can we correct “Areas of Improvement” on the next project?
  • Formulate a plan for lessons learned
  • Identify any other project close out actions that might be applicable.


Requirements to fully close-out project (event)

  • Confirm that contractual requirements have been met.
  • Confirm all open issues have been resolved and closed.
  • Confirm all required deliverables have been released, received, and accepted.



  • Confirm if there are any other outstanding items?
  • Review meeting outcomes

Ensure to update the project history file with actual data from the post project review meeting. The file should be formally stored and readily available for reference on future projects.