RSG Chapter 5 Lesson 3 The Empire of Mali

In this lesson, you will learn about the growth and decline of the Mali and Songhai empires

The Empire of Mali

The Empire of Mali

Mali Builds on Ghana's Foundation

He reestablished the gold and trade.  He expanded routes.  He developed the city of as a center of trade.

Decline of Mali

In the north, Berbers seized much of Mali's territory.  In the south, bandits began raiding trading and military outposts.

The Empire of Songhai

Muslim converted many people in the cities to Islam. In rural areas Islam beliefs were often blended with local traditional beliefs.

Matching terms

  • a West African empire that thrived from about 1240 to the 1400's
  • chief of the Malinke people, established the Empire of Mali.
  • West African city that developed into a center of trade and culture during the 1200's
  • King of Mali's empire from 1312 to 1332. Considered to be the wealthiest man to ever live.
    Mansa Musa
  • West AFrican empire that thrived from the mid-1400's to the late 1500's
  • king of the Songhai Empire from 1493 to 1528
    Askia Muhammed