Essentials of Project Management

This course is about the fundamentals of project management and is aimed at introducing the learner to all the basics they require in order to become gurus at managing projects of any size and magnitude. We will guide the learner every step of the journey while giving various examples so that sufficient practice can be gained.

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Is project management similar to regular management?

Project Management

The event planners should be able to clearly define a project as being temporary, with beginning and ending times that are defined. They should be able to describe Project management, as the application of knowledge, skills, and techniques to project activities to meet the project requirements. They should be able to define project management as a unique operation that is designed to accomplish a specific task and be able to distinguish project management from regular management. The event planners should be able to apply the best practices, which include;

  • Chart the lifecycle of the project and establish critical checkpoints
  •  Define the project clearly and realistically
  • Clarify the expectations with the project sponsor and others to proactively avoid misunderstandings
  • Involve others appropriately by planning for resources and on-going feedback throughout the project
  • Assign responsibility in a way that encourages commitment, self-management and accountability
  • Apply a number of project tools and techniques to assist in managing the project activities and milestones at various phases
  • Evaluate the success of the project against the project objectives and plan for future improvements
  • Appreciate the value of a structured, methodical, disciplined approach to managing projects.

The event planners should be able to list the stages of a project lifecycle as define, plan, brief, implement and evaluate and give a short explanation of each stage. Finally, the event planners should be able to list the eight sequential steps of project management.

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