Module 2: The project management life cycle, sequential steps and best practices.

have completed this course you will be able to creat project plans using project management best practices.

LO1 List the 5 phases of the project management life cycle.

What are the 5 phases of the project managment life cycle?

Connecting best practices to sequential steps.

The Project management life cycle can be seen as a set of phases which when completed in the correct logical order, assist in the realization of the projects goals.

Within each of these phases there are a number of steps that make up the 8 sequential steps of project management. The 8 steps form a check list of the tasks that should be included when creating a project plan.

The 5 Phases of project management and their associated steps are as follows:


Getting the project underway Project “startup” and Project definition.


Planning the quality

Planning the time

Planning the cost


Empower the team and set up controls


Control work in progress

Follow-up, re plan, give feedback


Wrap up and evaluation

The project management best practices serve as a tried and tested formula of what to do to increase the chance of the project achieving its goals and successful completion.

The project managing best practices contained in the notes from project management work shop. List these best practices. Each of these best practices can be connected to the corresponding phase of the project life cycle and its associated steps.

The diagram (inset mind map) below illustrates the interconnected nature between phase’s steps and best practices of project management.

The case study below illustrates the possible issues that could arise from failure to apply best practices when creating a project plan. 

  • Define, Plan, Brief, Implement, Evaluate
  • Define, Discuss, Brief, Analyse, End
  • Disscuss, Brief, Implement, Evaluate, Close
  • Start, Plan, Discuss, Implement, Finish