The Project Plan

This module is on the 8 steps in project management and using them to develop a project plan. As an experienced events manager you will have been exposed to this in practice on numerous occasions. this module provides the theory behind the 8 step process in order to better plan and execute projects.

The 8 steps of Project Management

Which of the following activities would you not undertake within Step 1: Project Start-up and project Definition, of the project management process?

Step 1: Getting underway or Project “start-up” and Project Definition.

In this first step in the project management the focus is on planning and setting the foundations for the project. In this step the project manager or project team will:

  • Discuss to clarify and define the project clearly.
  • They will confirm the brief in writing and this will be communicated with all project stakeholders.
  • Commitment will be elicited from the project sponsor.
  • The project team will be brought together and team-building undertaken
  • The project definition will be written up and this will provide the project scope and range. The project definition would include the project end-results objectives, outcomes, milestones, technical requirements, limitations and exclusions.

This aligns to the define phase previously discussed of the 5 phases in the project life cycle. In the ‘Define’ phase the project is conceived and defined in terms of its objectives and deadlines.


In our example of the Conference that Acme Events is organizing the project definition would be as follows.

To project manage and deliver on an international conference between the 1-3 of September 2017 for 1000 delegates on behalf of the client Joe Soap International Products. Within the budget of R2 million and within the project timeframe of 6 months. The objectives being to host:

  1. An international conference that has impact on delegates
  2. To host a financially profitable conference
  3. To host a conference that offers international speakers and 40% international delegate representation
  4. To ensure high post conference evaluations from delegates, sponsors and speakers.

  • Take corrective action
  • Clarify and define the project clearly
  • Confirm the project brief in writing and communicate this to the project team
  • Identify project milestones, deliverables and objectives