Obligatory Quiz

This quiz is designed to test your learning. The pass mark is 80% and you have unlimited attempts.


Which of the following is the MOST COMMON way for pets to pick up fleas?

How often should dogs and cats be treated with FRONTLINE® Plus for flea and tick protection?

It can take 3 months or more to get rid of a flea infestation. Which of the following statements offers good advice to help consumers resolve the issue?

FRONTLINE® Plus contains fipronil, an adulticide. How does it work against fleas on the pet?

How long does it take for FRONTLINE® Plus to kill fleas once they have jumped onto a treated pet?

FRONTLINE® Plus doesn’t stop ticks attaching but kills them, helping to minimise the risk of transmission of tick-borne disease. Within how many hours of contact does it kill them?

FRONTLINE® Plus contains (S)-methoprene, an active IGR. How does it work to help protect the home environment?

Which of the following is offered as support by FRONTLINE®?

What’s the MINIMUM AGE and WEIGHT for a dog or cat to be treated with FRONTLINE® Plus or FRONTLINE® Spot On?

What part of the flea life cycle cannot be killed by any chemical product?

Which statement best describes Veloxa?

Which of the following is true regarding FRONTLINE® Plus?

FRONTLINE® Plus kills fleas and ticks on the pet and prevents flea eggs hatching and larvae developing. True or false?

According to ESCCAP guidelines, how often is it recommended to treat dogs for intestinal worms?

Ticks can transmit which of the following dangerous diseases:

What proportion of dogs in the UK have been found to carry ticks?

How many eggs can a female flea lay in one day?

Fleas and ticks don’t need to bite to be killed by FRONTLINE® Plus or FRONTLINE® Spot On. True or false?

Fleas can transmit:

What proportion of a flea problem is found on the pet, compared to the environment?

Where can ticks be found?

Healthy dogs and cats often show obvious signs of worms. True or false?

Which of the following can be signs of a worm infestation in dogs?

What number of common tick species found in Europe are FRONTLINE® Plus and FRONTLINE® Spot On licensed to kill?

Ticks are the number one vector of infectious diseases to humans & animal. True or false?

The most common flea found on both cats and dogs is the:

How long can adult fleas survive without a blood meal?

How do ticks attach themselves to the host’s skin?

Where should FRONTLINE® Plus be applied:

What is the maximum weight for cats to be treated with Frontline® Plus?