Minor Open Wounds: Best Practices for First Aid Care

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THINK of a time you've fallen and scraped your knee or elbow, what do you do?
We all know rubbing alcohol hurts, but is it effective?

The purpose of this mini-lesson is to inform you of the best practices for taking care of minor open wounds.

Learning Objectives

By the end of this mini-lesson, you will be able to:

Pre-Training Excercises

What should we first clean an open wound with?

What did Aunt Lucy say about keeping wounds covered? ( Please answer BOTH statements before pressing submit)

Bring on the band-aids!

First Aid Care: Let's get to the Basics

Minor Open Wound Care - Part 1: Is it going to sting?

Minor Open Wound Care - Part 2: Look at my bloody scabs!

Minor Open Wound Care - Part 3: Ripping off the bandage!

Are You Ready to Take Proper Care of Those Minor Open Wounds?

Check your understanding

Thanks for the time to complete this mini-lesson!