Maersk Brief

Pilot campaign brief

About the campaign

Fromtu is the purchasing platform ownedby Maersk, the world’s largest shipping company that connects suppliers andbuyers together, end to end, managed online by the purchaser.

Fromtu have a network of employees that are based in Kenya who source and then vet new suppliers to add to the network. This means all suppliers meet the strict criteria, are legitimate and trustworthy. These suppliers are typically small, independent local farmers of produce such as fruit and veg, nuts, tea and coffee.

The typical current process

By eliminating the aggregator, and the de-aggregator Fromtu will save the buyer up to 30% on the costs of importing goods from Kenya.

Furthermore, the entire process is managed online, including the sourcing of a suppler which becomes a choice where previously the aggregator would dictate which supplier is chosen.

How it works?

  1. Buyers send Fromtu a Request for Quotation (RFQ) on a certain product like mangos, avocados, or fine beans with their specifications, requirements, quantities, and delivery location

  2. Fromtu will source several vetted suppliers and compile prices and delivery times

  3. Fromtu will also collect all service costs such as inspections, inland logistics, sea liner container costs, customs and duties and freight forwarding costs and compile it in one quote sheet

  4. Fromtu will give buyers the quote sheet with the landed cost to their door on a line item by line item basis, giving buyers full transparency and the ability to immediately compare products

  5. If the deal is accepted, Fromtu will connect buyers directly with the supplier, and then manage the end-to-end process

  6. Buyers receive only one price for the transaction, instead of managing multiple price quotes

The platform is free to both the buyer and supplier. We are still identifying how Fromtu will make money, but it most likely will be with referral fees to service providers.

The value proposition

Fromtu will take away the hassle of international sourcing. We will:

  • Provide buyers with several trusted suppliers with competitive bids

  • Plan, book, & execute the deal including payments, financing, transport & logistics booking, customs payments & quality control

  • Give buyers one price with the landed cost of the product at their door, allowing them to immediately compare prices across suppliers

  • Finally, we will directly connect buyers to the supplier so that they can be confident in our transparency. This also allows buyers to build a relationship directly with the supplier.

    Working with potential buyers, we have discovered that sourcing directly from the suppliers can save up to 30% even after paying for shipping, customs, and other associated costs with importing.

The products

While Fromtu has the vision to be in all verticals, we are starting in the fresh fruit & vegetable, and coffee & tea products. We are focusing on the following: 

The decision makers

Fromtu is targeting several different segments. It is important to gather feedback on each individual segment, so we can better understand where the most interest is generated. Below is a breakdown of the target segments:

The call

Maersk are building a platform that connects buyer with suppliers in Africa.

Ask open questions to establish what they currently purchase and from where. Establish if they already purchase fruit, veg, nuts, coffee or tea from Africa, if not why not and would there be an appetite to explore receiving a quote from Fromtu.

Use the benefits listed in this brief to highlight why sourcing produce from Africa would be good for them and use the objections to navigate to a close which would be to receive a quote from Fromtu.

 Saving up to 30% by sourcing direct, we manage the entire trade for you, free service…

The pain points

Currently buyers may only have one supplier but would prefer to receive bids from multiple suppliers.

Currently an aggregator (exporter) will squeeze the lowest price from a supplier and send the produce to an importer who buys in bulk and distributes and takes care of shipping, the international transition and customs.

Most of the value of the deal is therefore captured buy the exporter and importer (essentially “middlemen”) that are circumvented by Fromtu. This lowers the overall cost of the transaction.

Open questions to ask

Where do you currently purchase X from?

Why do you purchase them from there?

Whatis your current procurement process?

Howoften do you purchase x?

Whatquantities do you purchase?

The main benefits

  • Save Money – 25%-30% is typically saved by removing some layers of the process such as the dock handlers,
  • Sourcing from Africa will provide fresher produce as it is closer to the UK, saving time on shipping and ensuring high quality produce is received.
  • As Africa is closer to the UK landing costs are cheaper than from Countries such as Peru, Columbia or Brazil (where they may currently purchase from).
  • Transparent, in terms of pricing as each cost elements broken down in detail for example £60,000 for the goods, £7,000 for the shipping, £1,500 for customs.
  • Support small, local farmers and their communities in Africa, not by making donations but by purchasing produce of equal or greater quality than they are currently buying.

Likely objections

  • Do not purchase from Africa – why not? Would they consider a quote?
  • There is not a cold chain in Africa – Maersk is the world’s largest shipping company and therefor have cold chain facilities.
  • Bad press regarding Africa – getting ripped off/conned – the suppliers are all vetted and approved.
  • Bad press regarding Africa – War, corruption – Maersk are large and not influenced by this.
  • Have their own freight forwarders already – that is fine, we can continue to use them.
  • Would rather not involve Maersk. Fromtu are not beholden to Maersk and can therefore use any shipping company.


The website Alibaba

South American Counties such as Peru, Brazil and Colombia.

Test 1

Fromtu is part owned by .  They have employees in  sourcing and vetting suppliers of fresh Fruit and Veg,  and and .


The process saves the buyer up to  by eliminating the

 and the .


The cost to the buyer is  and broken down in the online platform.

Test 2

Select the products provided by Fromtu

Test 3

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