Meet our new church leaders 2017

Hi there,

We are very pleased to introduce our new church leaders for 2017! Please join us in giving these leaders a warm welcome=)

Our new leaders

Welcome our new team members!

Happy to introduce:

  • Jeremias, Gentleman Ministry & Support Manager
  • Susana, Youth Leader & HR 
  • Jacob, Children's Ministry & Designer 
  •  Nancy, Women's Ministry & Designer

Jeremias, Gentleman society

  • Is a Veteran 
  • Likes to play basketball 
  • Interested in learning to play the guitar 

Nancy , Women's ministry

  • Is allergic to all types of animals
  • Sends out inspirational messages via text 
  • Crazy about photography

Jacob, Children's ministry


  • Is afraid to ride motorcycles 
  • Has an electrician license 
  • Enjoys hiking 

Susana, Youth leader

  • Reads the entire Bible every years
  • Attends online college 
  • Has a dog and a cat 

Who is who?

  • Nancy
  • Jeremias
  • Jacob
  • Susana

What about hobbies?

  • Nancy
    Is a photographer
  • Jeremias
  • Jacob
    Likes Hiking
  • Susana
    Reads the entire Bible