Qualisoft Product Database - introduction

This is an introduction to the Qualisoft Product Database. A portal to information about our products. Simple as that!

Welcome to the Qualisoft Product Database

Welcome to Qualisoft Product Database (QPD)

QPD launched

Nothing in life is better than a new system with a 3 letter acronym. QPD... what on earth does it mean?

A quick search on acronyms on google finds you this:

- Quasi-Probability Distribution

- Quiet Peaceful Day

- Queries Per Day

- Qualified Police Doghandler

... and many more exciting things.

For us QPD = Qualisoft Product Database!

This is a portal to find information about our products. 

Like the QualiWare element icon our products never stands still. They always evolve, and your are an important part of this. So we hope QPD will be to good help for you.

Link to:




Solutions in this situation are all pre-made (either completely or that needs a bit of work) technical possible QualiWare deliverables that Qualisoft themselves has created.

You might allready know of Atlas, Qualisoft Process Manager, AD Sync Advanced, Import of Laws & Regulations etc. Here you will find information about them.

Find more information

If you click one solution you will find more information about it.

You amongst other see it's name, status (remember some solutions might go out of date!) description, if you need a special QualiWare version to use it and link to documentation. You will also find pricing information.

In the future we also hope to add relevant services to the product. 



Software is a general term for programs. For us the only program we sell is QualiWare. So here you can find information about our software versions, and you can also find license information.

All software versions

Here you find information about the software versions we have. 

You can easily see what is in production and what we are currently implementing and future versions we know of that we are looking into testing.

You can also see the date for when the version no longer will be supported by QualiWare.

All licenses

This table is so you can find what licenses we have, what templates they allow you to update and if the license is named or a server license.

At the launch of QPD you can only find information about 6.3 licenses, but we hope to add more version in the future.

How theese licenses connect to each other can you see from the license dependency diagram.

Who can update theese lists?

In the start only Steinar, Kolbjørn and Terje can update theese lists. So if you see something missing, do not hesitate to contact them.

Known problems

Known problems

In the Known problems menu point you find two options:

- A table with list off all known problems we know of concerning our products

- A link to QualiWares support system

The list of known problems

Steinar and Kolbjørn will continiously add to the list of known problems. You will only find the actual verified problems with either Software or solution here.

If you know of a possible problem, please use our standard processes to report them. From a customer situation, please report to kundesenter on behalf of your customer. If you found the possible problem elsewhere, please report it to Steinar so he can check it out.

Learn more about the problem

You can learn more about the problem by clicking it.

You can find a description and if we know of a workaround.

If the problem has been registered with QualiWare, you will also find a link to their support system.

by clicking the tab "Relevant for" you can also see all software versions or solutions this problem is valid for. If a problem is a software issue, we will only add the problem to the software, and not the solution. 


Customer menu point

Here we will add our customers and their links to software and solutions.

We often get questions about what version a customer has, and where to find installation documentation and so on. That's what you can expect to find here

YOU are an important part of keeping this up to date

We currently have to update customer information manually.

So if you install a new version at a customer, deliver a solution, have updated documentation, update this site as well. That makes it so much easier for your colleagues. 

Important for sales as well!

Having updated information about customer and their versions is important. When a QualiWare version is phased out we can warn our customers in advance. We can send specific information to customers that has a certain version etc.

We have tried other systems to keep track of this information and they have all had the same issue; not everyone has access to them and can update them. This issue is solved with QPD. We have given you all access to do this!



This menu point gives you link to the prices for our products.

Work (services) and course prices contains our hourly prices, course prices etc

Licenses (QW) directs you to QualiWares QMs and a link to the latest approved prices for licenses

All solutions gives you a table of our solutions and a guiding prices for the,


We have quite many demos

Keeping track of the demos we know of has been a pain for many.

We have now created an overview over the demos we own, the ones we get from QualiWare and other types.

Did you know of Origo, EpiCenter and the Mintra demos?

Did you know of the EA demo? or that we have a web site for the Qualisoft Process Reference Framework?

When we get a 6.4 / 6.5 or other demos we will add them here, and we will remove link to demos no longer valid. This makes it easier for you to keep track!

Help and the missing piece of the puzzle

Help? Help!

I hope you have seen so far that you get better help than before finding information about our products.

The Help menu point contains a few explanations of the terms "software", "solution" etc. Also you will find a text document explaining how you can update content from web.

Also you find a little information about why this system exist.

But where are our services?

Yes, you still cannot find alot of information about services.

That is the piece of the puzzle we needs a bit more work. We will be completely dependent on you to get that up and running and we want to plan with all teams how to implement that.

We have planned a structure (that actually has been shown to one potential customer!), but planning of roll-out is not ready. So what we have done is to hide it away.

Important! (it truly is!)

We need your help!

Currently the QPD has not enough information. We know more than this, but currently it is spread around the world, or stuck in the head of you and your colleagues. You have a brilliant mind, and we are happy to have you on board, but sadly we cannot always tap into it when we need.

So we need you to help us update this database with your knowledge about customers, version, solutions you have created that others can buy and so on.

How to update?

Updating content is as easy as eating warm apple-pie.

You find the table that contains information you need to update, mark the object (click beside the name of it) and then the Edit button on top of the table.

A web form appears!

You can update information from the web form.

So if you know more about ex. the GKN Aerospace installation, you should update "Associated Documents" with a link to where your colleagues can find it.

Easy - peacy - japanesy!

About QPD and it's setup

QPD - without customization

QPD is created by using qualiWare 6.3 version.

Here is the link again in case you forgot it:


QPD is created without customization to templates or by adding c# scripts, codes etc. It has been configured using standard QualiWare functionality.

This shows that our customers can create quite many things with QualiWare that can be important to them by just using licenses and version they probably allready have. And QualiWare does not have to be limited to be a system where you model your business processes. It can be so much more!

QualiWare is an excellent tool to contain knowledge about a company and deliver this in a web portal with easy access and update options for it's users.

We can train them and you in this, but you need to be the one that sees the potential for our customers on how they can improve.

What is an e-learning without an exam?

The dreaded exam! Choose the right answers

  • I am going to participate in updating QPD with my knowledge!
  • Updating QPD is someone elses job
  • Developers and others that create solutions must update the list of solutions
  • Whenever we deliver a new QualiWare version to a customer, I will make sure we update this information in QPD!
  • This system will also contain all the problems we do not know of. The unknown unknowns.
  • I understand I can update information in QPD with little effort.
  • This exam is totally rigged to bring out the positives of QPD!