Module 4 DUE: 04. July 2016

The Education Cluster’s Coordination Core Skills Course requires that all participants have a basic level of theoretical and practical knowledge and skills related to coordination prior to arriving.

We have therefore prepared FOUR modules with accompanying assignments to be completed and submitted according to the specified due dates.

Each module will contain a theory-based assignment as well as a practical, Information Management (IM)-based assignment. 

To qualify to attend the face-to-face portion of this course, you must complete and submit all assignments in Modules 1-4 on time.

All assignments and assignment-related questions should be sent to the Education Cluster at [email protected].

Module 4a (Theory): UNICEF Cluster Coordination Guidance for Country Offices

Module 4a (Theory): UNICEF Cluster Coordination Guidance for Country Offices

What is the main purpose of the “Cluster Coordination Guidance for Country Offices”?

The UNICEF Representative has the responsibility to represent...

Which of the following is/are not responsibilities of the UNICEF representative?

Who has responsibility for funding and staffing of the Coordination and IM positions?

The Cluster coordinator acts as neutral representatives and have an overriding duty to ….

Which of the following may threaten the neutrality of the coordinator position?

What is not one of the “Cluster Coordination Guidance for Country Offices” recommendations on double hatting?

Which are some of the disadvantages of the Cluster Coordinator being managed by the Chief of Section?

Module 4b (IM): Information Sharing

Module 4b (IM): Information Sharing

Introduction to Skype

Introduction to Dropbox

Introduction to Office Online

Introduction to Mailchimp

Have you done the Skype, Dropbox, Excel Online and Mailchimp Exercises?