Creating a project plan for Event Planners

Have you been planning events for a while but somehow got lost in the project planning involved?  Are you struggling to meet the budget requirements?  Sometimes all we need is a little refresher just to remind us of the steps involved to create an amazing project plan that will meet all of our Event Planning expectations!

Define and understand the objectives of the different levels of the lifecycle of a project and be able to meet deadlines.

What is the definition of a project?

Define and understand the objectives of a project and be able to meet deadlines

  1. A project is a flow of events with a beginning and an end.  The aim of a project is to plan and structure a task that needs to be coordinated throughout.  Specific planning has to go into this as certain things has to happen at certain times and budget usually also plays a very important role in the chain of events.  Every event that needs to be planned can be seen as a project in its own sense as every event has a planned date and specific dates that has to be met throughout the process to eventually be done by the actual event date.
  2. 5 Steps that support the cycle of a Project.
  3. Each and every member of the team need to be informed at all times of their responsibilities and their core functions.  They need to understand the impact of every decision that is made and how important the role is that they will fulfil.
  4. The project plan needs to clear and realistic goals need to set.
  5. Regular briefing meetings need to be held with the stakeholders to ensure that they are involved in important decisions that need to be made and misunderstandings are avoided.  Corrective action can be taken as soon as possible to avoid further disappointments.
  6. There should always be a “Plan B” in the event of something going wrong with the original plan as a backup.
  7. Involving all participants throughout the process and communicating effectively providing feedback throughout the project.
  8. Apply planning techniques to manage the various activities and track the progress.
  9. Evaluate the project plan and measure the success and incorporate any improvements for future events.
  10. Feedback to be provided to all team members as well as stakeholders to measure the outcome of the project good or bad.

  • A project is a flow of events with a beginning and an end
  • A project is an ongoing process
  • A project always has a happy ending
  • A corporate event that happens anually

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