Aholddelhaize security awareness training

During this course you will learn what corporate information is and how you can help us to protect it in a easy and adequate manner.

Acceptable Use

Watch the movie


On Facebook, you see a post of a friend saying he had a bad experience with Delhaize. He thinks Delhaize is the worst and most expensive supermarket in his town and he will never go shopping there again. How do you react?

  • you ignore the conversation and defriend that person
  • you participate in the conversation and go into discussion with the person
  • you do not participate in the conversation and ignore the posts
Select the best possible answer.

You need to transfer data to a partner or colleague; the file is too big to send it via email. How do you solve this?

  • You put it on your personal USB stick and give it to the person
  • You try to transfer the data via wetransfer.com or Dropbox
  • You put it on a corporate portable device such as a USB stick or portable hard drive (these devices encrypt all data)

Inventory and management of information

Watch the movie


You are getting a new laptop and you need to return the old one to the IT department. What do you do with all the information that resides on your computer?

  • Copy all the data on a portable device and keep this data safe at home
  • Leave al the data on the computer as it will be migrated to the new one
  • Copy all the data to the dedicated file servers

What do you do with paper documents containing sensitive information that is no longer needed?

  • Put them in the bin under your desk as any other work document
  • Insert them in one of the dedicated secured containers
  • Leave them on your desk with all other papers
  • Use a cross-cut shredder to destroy them securely
Select all possible answers.

Logical access

Watch the movie to understand and remember the tips


1. The helpdesk asks for your username and password over the phone to test a new application. What is your answer?

  • you give your password as you trust people from the helpdesk
  • you never give your password and inform your manager
  • you verify if the person is from the helpdesk and only after that share your password

1. Which of the following is a good password?

  • Theweatherisgood
  • AZERty123
  • 12345677
  • tH3W36ther!sG00D

Patch Management

Watch the movie to understand it


You’re working on an important document with a strict deadline, and suddenly you’re asked to reboot your computer. A new critical patch was installed on your computer and a reboot is needed. What do you do?

  • You ignore this request and continue working
  • You reboot your machine instantly as requested
  • You finish your running task that will not take more than 30 minutes and reboot your computer immediately after
Select all possible answers.

Security Event Monitoring

Watch the movie to understand it


What do you do when you get access to information that is not intended for you?

  • click away and keep working
  • click away and inform the infosec department/helpdesk
  • check the information and try to find out to who it belongs and inform that person of the breach

Are these statements False or True?

  • Depending on the classification of the information or system, special/extra activities are logged and maintained.
  • Surfing on the internet is anonymous

Security Events

To understand what it is please watch this movie


You are browsing through the intranet and accidentally click on a page which takes you to sensitive company information which you should not normally have access to. What do you do?

  • Click away and inform the infosec department/helpdesk
  • Click away and keep working
  • Check the information and try to find out to whom it belongs and inform that person of the breach.

If you see a person you do not know inside the office premises without an identification badge, what do you do?

  • Ask the person for his/her identification badge
  • Alert security that there is an intruder
  • Ignore him and do not take any further action
Select all possible answers


Let's recap what we saw today and watch the movie