Email Prospecting

Email in the Era of Smart Phones



•64% of decision makers read e-mail on mobile devices. (SalesForceXP)

•33% of email recipients open email based on subject line alone. (Convince & Convert)

•People only take 2.7 seconds to decide if they will read, forward or delete an email (ExacTarget)

•75% of email readers only scan email rather than reading thoroughly (


Does that change how we should correspond with customers?

Would you open these Emails?

  • Subject: What’s new at Goby Industries
  • Subject: 20% off this week!
  • Subject: Call me
  • Subject: U shud Check out these deals :)
  • Subject: Your partner Jim said you need help with Email Training
  • Subject: Small Business Tax help

Would you keep reading?

  • “Hello, my name is Brett Sherwood, your new account executive for Goby Industries and I have over 12 years of experience in the supplies world. I’m writing to introduce you to our company and our capabilities while also learning more about your organization and see if you have any…"
  • “Dear Decision Maker…."
  • "Pat, I Hope you're doing well. Just wanted to connect with you and explore common synergies between your company and mine …"
  • "Good morning. My name is Terry. I would like to know if I possible send ur company same promotional product options and quotes via email? …"
  • “Hello Bill, Jim told about the issue you are having getting supplies delivered to your facilities 24/7. Goby Industries now offers around the clock delivery to help you solve this problem…"

Other Tips

•Deliver only one message per email

•Include a call to action

   –Phone call, meeting, suggest appointment, webinar, conference call, etc.

•No Attachments

•Quick Close

   –Simple, professional close – Thank You or Regards

   –Name, company, phone and email, that’s it

   – Remove logos, e-signs, fax#, quotes, etc. keep it mobile friendly

PROOFREAD, Spellcheck is NOT enough

WIIFM – What’s In It For Me? (The Customer)

If ½ or more of your E-mails do not get a response, you could use some help

•Is your message Simple?

•Is you message Relevant to the customer’s needs?

•Is it valuable information?

•Is this information a Priority?

If you answer “NO” to any of these, your mail is in serious danger of deletion

Which Email is stronger?


Subject Line

–Reference a referral – Why?

–Mention a trigger event – Why?

–Show you have done your homework – reference key initiative, main issue, etc. – Why?

–No more than 40 characters (4-8 words) –Why?

Email body

–Personalize it to individual and use their name

–Bottom line value proposition

–Valuable information

–Key idea or benefit

–90 words max- less is better (2-3 sentences)

–No fancy fonts, backgrounds, colors, etc.  Just default font on white background

Click on the value statements

Are these Good Tips, or Destined for Delete?

  • Long intro’s on yourself or company
  • Your emails are too long and boring
  • Your email’s subject headings are too vague
  • Your attitude is irresponsible and unproductive
  • Use lots of attachments
  • List off all the product features
  • Focus on benefits to the client
  • Provide all information necessary to make a buying decision

Final Exam

How many topics should I cover on an Email

  • As many as possible
  • Only one
  • Up to five

How long does it take people to decide to read, forward or delete an Email?

  • 2.7 Seconds
  • After reading the first paragraph
  • After reading the entire Email

Which items are crucial to an effective Email

  • Bottom line value proposition
  • A great quote on your signature
  • Full overview of our company and capabilities
  • Be brief
  • Personalize the message to the client