Product teardown

Product teardown

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What discount should Jonas demand from the supplier?

  • Less than 10%
  • 10%
  • More than 10%
  • I don't know

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What will Jonas need to do to fully take advantage of the D2C team capabilities and thus bring the negotiations to the next level? (tick all that apply) Untitled multiple choice question

  • Understand the forecasted volumes that he will purchase
  • Participate in teardown of the products.
  • Ensure there is material leverage on the relevant suppliers
  • Customize his negotiation plan according to the findings of the teardown

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How can Jonas achieve further value on the radio unit? (tick all that apply) Untitled multiple choice question

  • Identify unnecessary redundancies and features in the product and argue for savings on this basis
  • Work with the supplier to re-spec the product to reduce the unnecessary features
  • Work with the supplier to develop improvements to the product that will generate additional value to us

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