Holes Chapters 5 - 8

Reading Comprehension Reinforcement

Test your comprehension part 1

  • Why is there no fence around Camp Green Lake?
    Because there is nowhere to run, the camp has the only water for a hundred miles, so no one would survive if they escaped.
  • What do we know about why Stanley has been arrested and sent to Camp Green Lake now?
    He was arrested for stealing Clive Livingston's sneakers, which were going to be auctioned off for charity. He had not stolen the sneakers, they fell out of the sky on top of him. He did not know the importance of the sneakers, so he kept them.
  • Why did the teachers never take Stanley’s complaints about Derrick Dunne seriously?
    Because Derrick was so much smaller than Stanley and some of them found it amusing that a ‘little kid like Derrick’ could pick on someone as big as Stanley.
  • Why did Stanley feel like he was holding destiny’s shoes?
    Because the sneakers fell on top of him, seemingly out of nowhere, like a gift from God. He thought the shoes would somehow be a solution to his father’s invention and it seemed like too much of a coincidence to be a mere accident.
  • Why do you think Clive Livingston had the nickname – ‘Sweet Feet’ if his shoes were ‘anything but sweet’?
    It is probably an ironic nickname, because his feet probably smell the opposite of sweet as he had a fungal infection.

Test your comprehension part 2

  • Because he took the pig from Madame Zeroni, but never carried her up the mountain like he promised he would, so she cursed all of his descendants to be doomed for all eternity.
    Why does Stanley’s family always blame their ‘no-good-dirty-rotten-pig-stealing-great-great-grandfather’ when something bad happens?
  • Because it was shorter than the others, and the holes that the boys dug had to be as deep as their shovel, so X-ray got away with digging a smaller hole.
    Why did X-ray claim to have his own special shovel, that no one else was allowed to touch?
  • Because he realised that she didn’t actually love him and that her head really was as empty as a flower pot, because she had trouble deciding between him and Igor.
    Why did Elya tell Myra that she should marry Igor?
  • Because Mr Sir eats sunflower seeds, but removes the shells and always spits them out on the floor. It suggests that a yellow-spotted lizard might be in the story soon.
    Why is it significant that the author tells us that yellow-spotted lizards like to eat the shells of sunflower seeds?
  • It is spelt the same frontwards and backwards.
    What is special about the name ‘Stanley Yelnats’?