Basic Clerical Skills Exercise A

six guidelines that apply to workers in any occupation : 

guidelines workers apply to

unscramble the word : EB UCPTNLUA

unscramble the word : EB LPEDNEEBAD

What does it mean to Abide by Company Policies?

  • following the rules
  • not following your job

What does it mean to show initiative?

  • Take pride in your work.
  • showing no effort while you are working

having a positive attitude is a good thing, and its very professional.

  • being positive and maintaining a good attitude is something you should always care for
  • being positive is unprofessional while you are on the job.

you should always show up to work dressed appropriately?

  • wear clothing suitable to the job you'll be performing
  • it doesn't matter what you show up wearing, you don't always have to be dressed properly.