grammar check

In this test you can find out which chapters of the English grammar are still a problem for you.


nouns and articles

1 She has two young 

so she's always tired!

2 The police 

are askingis askingasks
questions about the bank robbery.

3 Do you have suitable 

experiencespiece of experienceexperience
for this job?

4 Excuse me. Is there 

some art galleryan art galleryart gallery
near here?

5 There was an interesting 

newsitem of newsone news
on the radio this morning.

6 The artist has 

unusuala unusualan unusual

7 Living in 

an Europeana EuropeanEuropean
city can be expensive.

8 My parents don't like travelling on 


TrainA TrainThe train
between Lisbon and Madrid is very slow.

10 Please call me back.

The numberA numbernUMBER
  is 090744454.

11 Isn't your cousin 

the musiciana musicianmusician

12 The judge sent the murderer to 

prisona prisonthe prison
for thirty years.

13 The Paralympics are special Olympic games for 

some disabledthe disableddisabled


FrenchA FrenchThe French
usually take their holidays in August.

15 I go to the dentist 

twice a yeartwice the xeartwice in year

16 They have a lovely house near Malaga. It's just on

the coastcoasta coast

17 Caroline's studying law at 

the Harvarda HarvardHarvard

18 I'm going to take a photo of 

mountains over there.

19 What was the name of 

hotel we stayed at last year?

20 'Hello. Can I speak to Mrs Gupta?'   -   '

It isThis isThat is
Mrs Gupta. How can I help you?'

A It is                           B This is                      C That is

possessives, pronouns and quantifiers


adjectives and adverbs

simple present  & present progressive


simple past - past progressive - past perfect - past perfect progressive

present perfect & present perfect progressive


modal verbs



word order & sentence patterns

gerund & infinitive

eported speech


linking words


the passive

collocations - phrasal verbs - confusing words

word formation

formal and written English

spoken English