Employee Performance and Motivation

During this brief course you will explore factors of motivation and growth mindset.

Motivation - Daniel Pink

Factors of Motivation--Daniel Pink

Daniel Pink on Motivation

Daniel Pink describes what motivates people at work, home, and other settings. His findings are part of a movement to change corporate culture and performance systems. As you watch the video: 

1. Identify the three factors of motivation

2. Think of ways that you might apply these principles to the workplace, those you mange, or your personal goals.

Does money motivate?

  • Money reward always increases motivation.
  • Money works as a motivator in some but not all instances

How does it apply to you?

How might Daniel Pink's motivation theory apply to you? Write a short answer below.

Three factors of motivation

The three factors of motivation are , and  


A Growth Mindset- Carol Dweck

A Growth Mindset-Carol Dweck

Carol Dweck describes the difference between a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Believing that the mind can change and grow is critical for learning in the workplace, school or any context. As you watch this video:

1. Define growth mindset.

2. Identify characteristics of a growth and fixed mindset.

3. Think of ways you might apply Carol Dwecks findings to your life.

Which character would you most likely identify with a growth mindset?

Click on the image that bests answers the question.

Match the mindset!

  • Growth Mindset
    Your mind, talents, and personality can change with effort.
  • Fixed Mindset
    You are born with your intelligence and talents. You can't fundamentally change your intelligence.

Apply it to you!

How might you apply Carol Dweck's theory of fixed vs. growth mindset to you?