TAP Interview Presentation

'What are the challenges facing Universities when recruiting students and how can technology play in a role in offering innovative solutions to these challenges?'

'What are the challenges facing Universities when recruiting students and how can technology play in a role in offering innovative solutions to these challenges?'


Ioannis Koronios, former Student Ambassador for the University of Kent. 


2. Role of technology in overcoming named challenges 

3. Technological solution available in aid of student recruitment 

4. Concluding Remarks



The challenges faced by University can be devised  in various groups. In this presentation we will focus on a more general approach to University recruitment encompassing both the international and local aspects. 


  • Operation in a global market/approach  
  • Demand and need of new technologies
  • Attracting and retaining the best talent/talent management
  •  Making research sustainable 
  •  Diversity and Inclusion 
  •  Teaching Experience and  support
  •  Changes in Law/Immigration
  • Rising student expectations 
  • Increasing costs of shifting funding

Role of Technology in overcoming named challenges

“Institutions are charged with developing students’ digital citizenship, ensuring mastery of responsible and appropriate technology use, including online communication etiquette and digital rights and responsibilities in blended and online learning settings and beyond,” the report says. “Due to the multitude of elements comprising digital literacy, higher education leaders are challenged to obtain institution-wide buy-in and to support all stakeholders in developing these competencies.” (Elmes 2017, World University Rankings). 

Technological solutions available in aid

In what ways can technology aid in the University student recruitment?


--> Improvement of digital literacy/ Online learning         

-->Social media engagement 

--> Integrating formal and informal learning           --> Marketing and promotion

--> Advancing digital equity/ Accessibility             


--> Customer relations

--> Managing knowledge obsolescence                                

--> Changing Methods of Delivery via Technology/gamification

--> Adaptive Learning/Inclusion 

Concluding remarks

According Brown (2016), "technology’s rise to prominence has given a greater role to each school’s IT department. Recruiters and admissions professionals must work closely with IT experts to ensure all campaigns are cohesive and well-aligned with one another."

Technology will continue to become increasingly important for student recruitment. Understanding how technology works and how it impacts admissions will help schools boost enrollment in both the short- and the long-term (eCity Interactive, 2016). 

It is evident from the above information that the role played by the technological advancements is of great importance as it can cater and adapt to the demands of the Higher Education Learning Sector. With generations greatly integrated with technological means and comforts, a University must also remain if not be ahead of such engagement with its students in order to continue that integration. Maintaining 'old-fashioned' modes and teaching techniques will become and will continue to become less and less attractive to perspective students.