How to Allocate Equipment Charges for Nemours

Nemours requires their wireless equipment to be charged to a separate General Ledger Code (GL Code). 

**Internally, Nemours calls this the "Account"

Allocating Equipment Charges

Apply Expense Cat Coding

Apply Expense Cat Coding

Begin by selecting "Utilities"

Next, select "Apply Expense Cat Coding"

Select Accounts

Make Selections

Choose either Master or Summary Bills

Choose the account for which the equipment needs to be allocated on the left

Choose Equipment Purchase and Shipping & Handling on the right (Hold down CTRL key to select multiple Categories

In "Profile Fields," select "General Ledger"

In "Profile Field Values," select "6220"

Click "Run"

It will seem as though nothing that happens.  When this screen disappears, the task has been completed.


Match the field on the left with the selection you would make in Winbill on the right
  • Profile Fields
    General Ledger
  • Profile Field Values
  • Limit By Expense Categories
    Equipment Purchase and Shipping & Handling