Project management 8 sequential steps and project clear life cycle

Project management has been proven to be the most effective method of delivering production within minimum cost, schedule and resource constraints. This intensive and hands-on series of courses gives you the skills to ensure your projects are completed on time and giving you the  learner the required skills  expected. You will gain a strong project management planing and basics practices of project as well as  be able to immediately use that knowledge to effectively manage work projects. At the end of the course  you will be able to identify and manage the project , create a project plan, define and allocate resources,  and understand the 8 steps .

Project management clear life cycle

Whats a Project mangers role ?

  • Over see everything goes well and plan for possible problems that might arise
  • Manage the team and let the supervisors make the critical project decisions
  • Support and train all new employees

Select the 5 Life cycle phases or steps

  • Plan
  • Brief
  • Implement
  • Evaluate
  • Identify
  • Manage
  • Define