Online Exam

This exam will test your Math Skills. Time limit is 40 minutes . You may use scratch paper and a calculator in taking the exam. Please make sure you submit the exam before the time limit for the results to be valid. 

Math Skills

An egg costs Php 3.00 each. How many dozens of eggs will Php 288.00 buy?

Php 288.00 will buy dozen eggs.

One kilo of fish is Php 70.00. How much is 3 1/5 kilos of fish?

3 1/5 kilos of fish is worth Php .00

A garden to be fenced is 30 feet long. Wood fence is sold at Php 70.00 per 10 feet. How much is it to fence the garden?

It will cost Php.00 to fence the garden.

Php 80.00 is the discounted price of a hat. The discount given was 30%. How much was the original price?

The original price of the hat was Php.29

Fare Computation: The first 3 kilometers costs Php 6.00. Every succeeding 300 meters costs 50 cents. How much is a 9 kilometer trip? (TIP: 1kilometer= 1,000 meters)

A 9 kilometer trip costs Php .00

An apple costs Php 3.00 each, a mango Php 4.00, a banana P5.00 each. How much is the total cost of 4 apples, 5 mangoes and 3 bananas?

All the fruits cost Php .00

Mary's age is 5 years less than twice the age of Paul. The sum of Mary and Paul's age is 19. How old are they?

Mary is years old and Paul is years old.

One gross is equal to 12 dozen. How many pieces are in one gross?

There are pieces in one gross. 

A car is traveling at 50 kilometers per hour non-stop. How long for it to reach a destination 70 kilometers away?

It will take  hour(s) and minutes to reach the destination.

Rental fee for a house is Php 5,000.00, less 5% withholding tax, plus 12% vat. How much is the net rental fee?

Net rental fee is Php .00

An apple costs Php 12.00, a mango costs Php 6.00 and a banana costs Php 7.00. How much is the total cost of 3 apples (less 40% discount), 5 mangoes (less 25% discount) and 4 bananas (plus 23% tax)?

The total cost of the fruits is Php and cents.

The roof of a house is 5 feet by 15 feet. Roofing is sold at Php 10.00 per 3 feet by 5 feet sheets. How much will it cost to cover the entire roof?

It will cost Php .00 to cover the entire roof.

A piece of plywood is 60 inches by 72 inches at Php 50.00/ square foot. How much is a piece of plywood?

A piece of plywood costs Php .00

A building took 156 days to complete and employed 12 laborers and 1 foreman. The foreman was paid Php200.00/day. 4 workmen got Php120.00/day and the rest received Php90.00/day. What was the total labor cost of the building?

The total labor cost of the building was Php .00

If a G.I. sheet measures 3 feet by 5 feet. How many G.I. sheets will be needed for a house roof of 25 feet by 30 feet?

The roof will need  G.I. sheets.

How much will a 4 feet by 6 feet piece of plywood cost, if each square foot costs Php 45.00?

The piece of plywood will cost Php .00