VO7 - Maintenance

Recurring Property Maintenance

1. Recurring Property Maintenance: What Does it Consist of?

The Maintenance of properties typically consists of three separate tasks:

  • Interior 'Refresh' Clean
  • Exterior Maintenance (lawn maintenance or snow removal)  
  • Property Visit  

*Services you perform will always vary depending on each particular client's requirements.

2. Interior 'Refresh' Clean

Services typically included:

  • Minor debris removal (Discuss with coordinator if more than 1 cubic yard.)
  • Sweep/vacuum and mop floors
  • Wipe clean baseboards and wall plates
  • Dust light fixtures and ceiling fans
  • Clean appliances (interior and exterior)
  • Wipe clean kitchen counters
  • Clean toilet (interior and exterior including toilet bowl)
  • Clean tub/shower and surrounding areas
  • Clean interior windows and window sills
  • Place new air fresheners in all wet areas
  • Address safety hazards

* Do not remove marketing pamphlets/flyers left on counters, etc.


3. Exterior Maintenance: Lawn

Services typically included:

  • Ensure property is secure (windows, doors, pool, outbuildings, crawlspaces, etc.)
  • Confirm presence of A/C unit

  • Clear cobwebs from entryways and garage overhang

  • Exterior Safety (holes, cracked/broken windows, hand/guardrails, hardware, etc.)

  • Grass cut

  • Edge along driveways, walkways, and sidewalks

  • Hedge/Shrub trimming

  • Minor debris removal (if more than 1 cubic yard due to dumping, vendor can discuss bid with coordinator)

  • Natural debris removal (twigs, leaves, etc.)

  • Weed removal (around all structures, fence lines, flower beds)

3a. Exterior Maintenance: Snow Removal

Snow Removal is performed in lieu of traditional lawn service when applicable.

Services typically included:

  • Removal of snow from sidewalks, driveways, and walkways to (and around) the property (including all outbuildings)  
  • Application of a salting agent

3b. Photo Examples (Snow Removal)

Below are some very basic examples of photos of Snow Removal photos.



4. 'Start-Maintenance' Notice

When you are assigned a Maintenance property, you will receive a Start-Maintenance Notice via email.

The Start-Maintenance Notice will contain:

  • The services to be performed (What)
  • The frequency in which they should be performed (How often)
  • The rate at which you will be paid (How much)
  • Access information (i.e. lockbox code, gate code, etc.)
  • Contact information for coordinator/broker


4a. Read the START-MAINTENANCE NOTICE and Answer the Questions Below:

The vendor is authorized to perform  at 5020 Woodside Drive. For the lawn maintenance, the vendor will be paid  each time the lawn is serviced. The lockbox code that should be used to gain access when needed is . Any questions regarding this Start-Maintenance Notice should first be directed to 

5. Maintenance Work Orders

Work Orders for each service are generated automatically and available on the Cyprexx Web Portal. Be sure to have the Work Order with you at all times when visiting a property. To access the Work Order from the Cyprexx Web Portal:

1. Access the property record

2. Select the 'Maintenance' tab

3. Next to the assigned service, click on the gear icon

4. Select the type of work order you'd like to download (WITH pricing or WITHOUT pricing)





6. Is the property 'Maintenance-Ready'?

When you accept a property assigned to you for Maintenance, you will first need to determine that the property is 'Maintenance-Ready'. Basically, you will confirm whether or not the Initial Services were completed properly (based on that particular client's guidelines) and the property is ready to be serviced periodically under Maintenance guidelines.

If you determine the property is NOT 'Maintenance-Ready', call from site and contact the assigned Cyprexx coordinator immediately for instructions on how to proceed.

It is your responsibility to report any issues found. Any issues not reported will become your responsibility and you will be expected to remediate them at no cost to Cyprexx.

7. Maintenance Schedule ('Reports' Tab)

The 'Reports' tab on the Cyprexx Web Portal is a useful tool you can use to obtain the maintenance schedule for your assigned properties. To access this tool once you are logged in:

1. Select the 'Reports' tab in the main navigation menu

2. Select the report you wish to run (i.e. Schedule)

3. Select the date range and format you prefer and select Download Report

4. You will then be asked to either Open or Save the report file.

The report will display as such:



8. When a property is 'Maintenance-Ready', this means

  • all maintenance services have been completed
  • nothing else is needed at the property
  • the Initial Service tasks have been completed properly
  • all of the above

9. Payment for Maintenance Services

You will not submit invoices for Maintenance services you perform.

Instead, you are paid for completed maintenance services using our 'Auto-Pay' system. Once you have uploaded all of the required date-stamped photos (within the allotted time) and your assigned coordinator has reviewed and approved your photos, you are paid once per month for all of the recurring maintenance services completed.

Any questions regarding payment should be directed to the assigned Cyprexx coodinator.

10. Recurring Maintenance services typically consist of

  • Exterior Maintenance
  • Roof Cleaning
  • Interior 'Refresh' Clean
  • All of the Above
Select all that apply.

11. When assigned a Maintenance property, you will receive

  • a phone call.
  • a letter.
  • a Start-Maintenance Notice.
  • both a phone call and a letter.

12. Submitting Photos - What You Should Know

You are required to submit Before, Action, and After photos for each task completed. Photos should be clear and After photos should be taken from the same angle as the Before photos so they can be easily compared.

Photos must include:

  • a visible date-stamp
  •  EXIF data (camera and scene information i.e. date, time, etc. embedded into the image file) 

(Use of the Pruvan app satisfies both of these requirements automatically.)

Take as many photos as you feel are appropriate in order to document the work you performed, however, please do not submit an excessive amount of photos. You may choose to store the 'extra' photos in case they are needed later.

Always refer to photo requirement documents on the Cyprexx web portal and contact the assigned Cyprexx coordinator if you have any questions.

Penalties may be assessed for missing/late photos.






13. Best Practices: 'MAXIMIZE' Your Photos

You can 'Maximize' your photos by capturing multiple items in a single photo, there by reducing the overall amount of photos that you take/submit. For example, the Before photo  shown below actually documents four things:

1. the condition of the garage interior

2. the trash cans are presumably empty and stored properly (upside down)

3. the electrical panel is in place and not closed/covered properly

4. the garage door opener (unplugged)


Here are a few more examples that demonstrate smart photo composition:

13a. Best Practices: 'MAXIMIZE' Your Photos (continued)

14. Exterior Photos

When you photograph the exterior of a property during Maintenance, the property is to be photographed from multiple angles as to show the entire exterior of the property.

Always refer to your work order or consult the assigned Cyprexx coordinator if you have questions or concerns. 

Click the 'Play' icon below to see examples of BEFORE and AFTER photos taken from the required angles. Watch carefully and compare each BEFORE photo to the corresponding AFTER photo. You should recognize that the photo has been taken from the same angle and you may also notice differences in the AFTER photos due to certain services being performed since the BEFORE photos were taken.  



15. Our Auto-Pay System

  • once per month.
  • once per week.
  • individually.
  • when your invoice is received.
Select all that apply.

(?) In order for you to be paid for Maintenance services,

  • proper BEFORE, ACTION, and AFTER photos must be uploaded within the allotted time.
  • your photos must be reviewed and approved by the assigned Cyprexx coordinator.
Select all that apply.

Congratulations! You have reached the end of this course.




Follow these steps to ensure your results are saved and submitted:

1) Go to the Home screen by clicking on the 'Home' button (example shown below).




2) Be sure you click the 'Submit Results' button (example shown below). 





3) If prompted again, please confirm that you are ready to submit your results by clicking 'OK, submit results' (example shown below).