Challenges for Part-time Instructors Test

Multiple Choice Quiz

Which of the following is NOT a strategy to engage students as adult learners?

  • Make the content meaningful
  • Collaborative learning amongst students
  • Reduce and manage digital distractions
  • Probe for responses from students by pointing them out

Which of the following is NOT a step to managing dual work-life balance?

  • time management
  • setting goals
  • setting boundaries
  • successfully completing groupthink

Burnout can be defined as...

  • a psychological state of emotional and physical exhaustion
  • makes a person incapable of functioning at their normal level
  • causes immediate long-term side effects
  • A & B
  • A & C

How can time-management be created in dual work-life balance?

  • prioritizing
  • scheduling
  • clarifying work hours and expectations
  • all of the above
  • none of the above

Students learn best through Andragogy because...

  • they need to be involved with the topic at hand
  • andrgogy and pedagogy are the same
  • motivated solely by intrinsic factors
  • motivated solely by extrinsic factors

What challenges do instructors face when using a Course Management System?

  • familar domain of communication
  • electronic communication with the instructor will be reciprocal and consistent
  • part-time instructors receive the same orientation and learning modules as full-time faculty do

True or False, maximizing the capabilities of your smartphone will improve the learning environment?

  • True
  • False

What are the four key elements of the Course Management System?

  • email, postings online, posting grades and smartphones
  • email, module assignments, posting grades and tablets
  • smartphones, laptops, textbooks and course material

What is most essential in creating a successful learning environment?

  • clear communication
  • forming respectful relationships
  • encouraging creative thinking
  • setting expectations of participation
  • all of the above