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Why should Katherine Hansen be Unboxed's Director/VP of Content Strategy? Let's find out!

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  • A global reach
    She has experience & contacts in both education and technology all over the world, especially with Europe (E&W), the Middle East and Asia which gives her a great deal of cultural insight/understanding and brings you opportunity for international growth.
  • Gen X mind with a Millennial heart
    She can easily relate & adapt her style to who she's working with. She is experienced in both the corporate world & on a college campus. She is also kid-free, living in Church Hill where she bikes or walks whenever possible.

Katherine is a believer in learning innovation and feels Organizational Learning is at a distinct turning point which brings huge opportunities. Put what she values most in order of importance.

  • Companies must change from a push delivery system of detailed knowledge to a system offering the learner a self-directed opportunity for discovery in digestible pieces that can be accessed and/or repeated as often as necessary.
  • There must be opportunities for collective learning so that tacit knowledge can be shared between individuals and retained by organizations.
  • Technology must be embraced. Gaming, augmented/virtual reality and mobility will be where e-learning continues to evolve.

What's true or false about Katherine's technical understanding?

  • Katherine has led the development of software solutions from conception to implementation.
  • In addition to soft skills, Katherine's Project Management and Operations experience leading I.T. and Programming teams demonstrates her ease with technical departments and staff.
  • Katherine is very often utilized to help “translate” logic and complex requirements into business/marketing concepts and vice versa
  • Katherine is reluctant to try new technologies or quits when she gets stuck.

What makes Katherine a strong leader?

  • She can easily manage people and groups (in person and remotely).
  • Her personal satisfaction comes from seeing others succeed and her training style takes more the form of a coach where she strives to enable individuals and foster functional teams.
  • She is able to see “the big picture” while at the same time lay out methodical, detailed steps to accomplish goals and produce results – very often creating something out of nothing.

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