How to make and care for open terrariums


This mini-lesson provides an introduction to terrariums. The learner will gain an understanding of the materials needed, the steps required and best practices for the care of a terrarium. 

By the end of this mini-lesson you will be able to:

1. Define what a terrarium is and name the two main types.

2. Understand the basic supplies required and identify the steps needed for creating a successful terrarium.

3.  Care for and  maintain a healthy terrarium.




Getting familiar with terrariums

Terrariums: The basics

What plants live best in open terrariums and what conditions do they thrive in?

checking for understanding: the basics

Сombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
are succulents and cacti
there are two main types of terrariums
are glass structures that are either open or closed; they are inhabited by small plants
Plants that are best suited for open terrariums
open and closed

Constructing a terrarium: the materials and steps

The supplies you will need to make your own terrarium

Why is activated charcoal important when making a terrarium?

Why is making your first layer a gravel layer important?

The 5 steps to making your own terrarium

Let's make a match! Pair the correct step with the correct action.

Сombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
Step 1
Add activated charcoal
Step 2
Add decorative elements
Step 3
Add succulent soil
Step 4
Add gravel
Step 5
Add plants; succulents and cacti

How to care for a terrarium: do's and dont's

Basic terrarium care

Checking for understanding

Assessment: Are you ready to make a successful terrarium?

Checking for Understanding