CRM Diary and call management

This  guide shows how to use your diary and activities in CRM.

Using the diary and activities in CRM

A Tip before you get started

Work through the steps with CRM open on one screen and this e-lesson open on the other.

Step 1 - Activities

Select "Activities" from the left hand menu.

Step 2 - Select activity type

1. Open the drop down menu next to the "Activities" view.

2. From the activities drop down menu select "Phone call".

3. From the phone call drop down select "My Phone Calls".

The other options are for other tasks such as notes (tasks), emails and appointments.

Step 3 - Your diary

You will see a drop down menu next to "Due" - from this you can select calls that are overdue, due today or due in the future.

To avoid getting bogged down only set call backs on specific days as agreed with the customer or if this is not possible try and spread them over a few days so you do not have too many calls to make on one day and fall behind.

If you fall behind you risk missing a call when the customer is due to order.

Step 4 - Your call backs

Notice from the list of calls I have labeled the subject with something specific and relevant as opposed to something generic such as "phone call" or "call back".  This will help me prioritise the calls that need to be made first for which you can also use priority field.

Step 6 - Open the phone call

Click on the subject hyperlink to open the call details.

Step 7 - On the call

The call screen is broken into two sections; phone call (top section) and next call (bottom section).  This allows you to complete one call and then set the next call back.

Fill in all the details in the top section regarding the call you just made  In the bottom section (next call) enter the date and time of the next call, use an appropriate subject that will help you remember the purpose of the next call and then click on the button at the top left of the screen called "mark complete".

This will take the old phone call out of your list and create a new call for a future date.

Step 8 - Create a new call from scratch

To create a new call go to file at the top left and select new activity from the drop down and then phone call.

Step 9 - Set the new call

Complete all the details highlighted and click save and close.  You can now find this call in your personal diary.

That's all

Using your diary and phone calls properly will help you find those needles in haystacks.  You will call the right people at the right time.

When you complete one call, always ask how long the fuel will last and set the next call in your diary so you can get the next order too .

Use the "mark complete" button, this will help search by "last called date" as a secondary measure to help ensure you do not call customers too often, or not often enough.