Starting Your Shift

Welcome to Call9.  

In this section we will discuss how to get ready for your first shift.

Starting Your Shift

Starting Your Shift

Starting Your Shift

Guiding Principles

Starting a Call9 shift is slightly different than a traditional Emergency Department shift. You will receive a text message 30 minutes prior to the beginning of your shift, reminding you to get prepared. 

Preparation for a Call9 Shift includes:

  • Making sure your cell phone is fully charged, is in your possession and is able to receive calls.

  • Making sure your computer is fully charged and connected to a reliable WiFi network.

  • Making sure you are able to answer your phone for EVERY Call9 activation and that you can access your computer within 3 minutes.

  • Making sure you are able to be free from childcare or other responsibilities (e.g. driving) while activated as a Call9 physician. 

At the beginning of your shift your cell phone should be on your person, fully charged and ready to receive calls. Your work environment should be quiet, free from distractions and HIPAA compliant.

  • To work as a provider for Call9 I need to be ready at the beginning of my shift with a cell phone that is charged and ready to accept calls.

Although you are working from home, you are still practicing Emergency Medicine and you will need to set up your working environment accordingly.

  • I don't need a sitter for my children. I'll be at home, obviously I'll be able to take care of them during my shift.

As a Call9 medical provider, you will be attending to patients via a telemedicine platform. Reliable, high speed internet is a must as you will be transmitting video and audio back and forth during your patient visits.

  • Dialup is probably the best way to go, if I want a reliable internet connection.

When you receive a call from the Clinical Care Specialist alerting you to an acutely ill patient you will be expected to be ready to provide care within three minutes.

  • 3 minutes. The amount of time you have to respond to an acute telemedicine activation.