English Grammar- Nouns

This course is explains to students what a noun is and the various types of nouns. Students will then be given practice exercises to test the knowledge acquired.

Description of Nouns and types of Nouns

Definition of Noun


A noun is a word that names a person, place, thing or idea. 

Example of nouns include: Ama, Kumasi, Dog, Happines

Types of Nouns

Types of Nouns

There are several types of nouns. For now, we'll look at two types. These are; Abstract and Concrete Nouns. 

Abstract Nouns name ideas, concepts or emotions. These nouns are intangible which means you cannot touch, see, smell or taste with your five senses. Examples are love, intelligence, justice, religion, happiness, anger, fear, surprise etc.

Concrete Nouns name people, places or things which you can see, smell, touch or taste. Examples include Woman, Kofi, river, Kumasi, Dog, Bag etc. 

Practice Test

Practice what you have learnt

Type all the nouns in each sentence

1. The birds and squirrels enjoy the corn my mother hung in the backyard.

2. The detective investigated the evidence carefully, and he finally solved the mystery.

3. My computer is broken, so I need to go to the store to get a new one.