Chapter 3 Review

Chapter 3 Review


  • Oasis
    An ______ provided water for nomads
  • Monotheism
    _________ is belief in one God. Allah is the Arabic name for the monotheistic God of Islam.
  • Islam
    _____ is the name of a religion, and Muslim is the name of a person who practices Islam
  • Shi´a and Sunni
    ______ are factions that emerged after a split occurred in the Muslim community over the question of leadership.

Why were the Bedouins nomads?

because they had to migrate from place to place to find and grazing land in the desert for their

Why were the peninsula’s oases important to Bedouins? to farmers? to merchants?

Bedouins could acquire provisions in the . Farmers settled at oases to plant their . Merchants could use them as stopping off points along routes that crossed the peninsula.

Why was the Ka’aba important to pilgrims?

The Ka´aba was a religious shrine built by the prophet .

What are the Five Pillars of Islam? Click 5

  • faith
  • understanding
  • Prayer
  • Alms
  • fasting
  • trade
  • hard work
  • pilgrimage

How did early Muslims treat Jews and Christians?

Muslims treated Jews and Christians with .

How did Muslims view the relationship between their lives and their religion?

Muslims connected their personal and religious lives in they did.

Why are Muhammad’s elected successors called the “rightly guided” caliphs?

because they all had known Muhammad and supported his mission and used the Qur´an and as guides to leadership

Why is Abraham important to Muslims?

because many Arabs believe themselves to be of Abraham

What caused the split between Sunnis and Shiites?

They disagreed over leadership issues.  The thought the only a descendant of Muhammad could rule but the thought the Caliph, or ruler, should be elected.