Setting up a Weebly ePortfolio in 3 Simple Steps

Here to help you craft your personalized ePortfolio in Weebly, a global website and blog platform!

Step 1: Creating Your Weebly ePortfolio

You've been asked to submit writing samples with a college application. Seems like an unusual request, right? Not really....

In fact, a 2015 Inside Higher Ed report indicated 80 colleges and universities united to include a digital portfolio component to their application process ( Don't be intimidated! Rather, consider this an excellent opportunity for you to showcase not only your writing skills, but your tech savvy as well.

A Weebly ePortfolio is just the ticket: here, you'll create your own digital site and a "portfolio" of original documents. Think of it as a quasi-digital "resume" or CV!

Let's begin! Navigate to via Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox or any other internet browser.

When you reach the landing page, you'll want to click either the "Get Started" or "Try It For Free" links. Unless you wish to link a Facebook account, both will ask you for the same information if you're signing up for the first time.

The 3 pieces of required information to begin to create your ePortfolio are:

Weebly Login and Site Review!

  • Site
    Blog or Other Digital "Page"
  • Login
    First & Last Name, Email Address and Unique Password

Step 2: Determining Your Theme and Domain

Now that you've established your login, let's start developing your site!

Go ahead and click the orange "Add Site" button to begin crafting an ePortfolio within your new account:

Included in this 2nd step, you'll identify your ePortfolio's theme and site domain. Let's begin with theme!

Choose a visually appealing theme -- something easy to read and fitting your personality in some way. Your theme should have a professional "look" and "feel," as it sets the tone for your presentation.

Included in this step, you'll also select a site domain.

I suggest choosing a "Subdomain of Weebly," rather than registering a new domain. Either works.

Your site domain should be a unique name, as it'll form your ePortfolio's url. To ensure your "customers" can easily find you, your name works best. Remember that college admissions representative? Make it easy for her to locate your work! 

What is your new Weebly site domain name?

Weebly Theme and Site Domain Recap

  • Domain
    Weebly URL address (ideally, a version of your name, if available)
  • Theme
    The "look" and "feel" (the overall format) of your site

Step 3: Crafting Content and Publishing Your Site!

Get creative!

Developing your ePortfolio starts with crafting a main "Title" page. As you'll note below, you must hover over the "Click to Add Headline" and "Click to add description..." text boxes to add original content:As you modify this Title page, you're personalizing your ePortfolio. Now, that college admissions recruiter will find your content easy to use and read!

The Title page allows you to click and drag any of the elements from the left side bar (including Text, Image, Gallery, etc.). You can add Contact Forms and more as you really begin to personalize!

Fair Warning: any elements with an asterisk (*) or other indicator are a pay-to-play; unless you want to upgrade to a paid Weebly account, you'll want to stay away from choosing these:


Adding a Blog Post or Other Pages

Now that you've begun developing your Title page, you're ready to build your site "portfolio"! Know that you can always revise anything you add: start it now and come back to it at another time.

To add a page, blog post, or other content, use the Pages link near the top left: 

Adding Content to Your ePortfolio: Click True or False for Each Statement

  • Your Title page will pre-populate with your name and relevant title page details.
  • You can always revise content you add or elements you select on any of your ePortfolio pages.
  • To add a blog or other post, you must click "Add Post" or "Pages" to be able to craft new content.

So you've added a blog post or other page: GREAT! Now, we publish...

You've written some great stuff for your Weebly ePortfolio; you've proofread and are now ready to share it. OK! In order to publish this new content, you'll first need to click "Post":

Clicking "post" doesn't automatically publish your Weebly updates to the internet. Nope, you'll also need to click "Publish" at the top right for your creation to go out into the world:

That's it: enjoy developing your ePortfolio! Thanks for being part of this module.