Understanding the role of each team mate regarding their responsibilities on a project management team.

A project management team consists of various role players. They may be in house staff of  the project management company or external consultants brought aboard to assist. Each role player has specific responsibilities that aid in the successful completion of the project.

LO 2.1.2: Categorise the requirements of the project according to its logistical needs and delegate them to the relevant team mate according to their job tasks.

What is the core function of the Project Manager?

Understanding the role of each team mate regarding their responsibilities.

Every project management team consists of specifically put together people to complete and/or manage the completion of the project. These may include in house staff or independent consultants and the roles are project-require, thus can vary from project to project.

Here are three examples of constant roles on a project management team:

Project Administrator:

He or she is solely responsible for all the admin relating to the project. He or she acts a liaison between all project team members to ensure that everyone is up to date regarding any developments regarding the project.


  • Managing the correspondence amongst the team
  • Arranging meetings for the project manager and project sponsor.
  • Taking minutes in all the project- relating meetings.
  • Distributing meeting minutes to all relevant staff.

Project Manager:

He or she is the head of the team. The PM is responsible to ensure that the project is successfully completed within its time frame.


  • Creating the project plan.
  • Recruiting staff for the team.
  • Lead ad manage the team.
  • Provide updates to top management.

Project Sponsor:

The project sponsor is the “driver” behind the project. He or She is an in house employee, often in a senior management position and is directly linked to the project.


  • Makes important decisions regarding the project
  • Outlines and approves budget to fund the project.
  • Makes all the necessary resources available.

These are what you call constant role players on a project management team.

Below is an example of the hierarchy in a project management team. Remember the hierarchy may consists of various role players as it is project- determined.

Project Sponsor

Project Manager

                                                                                       Project Administrator

  • Taking minutes in the Project related meetings.
  • Managing the correspondence for all the project team mates.
  • To ensure that the project is successfully completed in the time frame.
  • Approves the budget for the project.

The project sponsor is also known as the

  • Driver
  • Donator
  • Financer

A project management team may consist of both in house staff as well as...

  • Staff from other companies
  • External consultants
  • Staff from other departments

The project sponsor approves the budget for the project

  • true
  • false