Practice 200 - PM: Winning Brands

This assessment covers the necessary knowledge to effectively prove competency in Nielsen Greater China's 200 level practices


Which of the following is NOT TRUE about Modules of Winning Brands?

  • It includes Categories Module, Health Check Module, Connect Module, Communications Module, Foresight Module, Brand Builder Module and Corporate Equity Module.
  • It’s a complete brand health management toolkit that provides a holistic understanding of brands in the context of its category.
  • It’s a module separate from Categories Module, Health Check Module and Foresight Module.
  • Its modular structure allows you to design the best solution to meet your client’s needs.

If you are investigating into the sports shoes industry and you want to learn about the relationship between sports shoes industry and sportswear industry, which of the following will you prefer to use?

  • category status
  • category osmosis
  • category twitch
  • category threat

Brand Equity Index(BEI) is a powerful indicator of a brand’s underlying health. Which one of the following sentence is NOT TRUE about describing BEI?

  • It can be tracked across time.
  • It is driven by brand loyalty and price premium.
  • It has large norm database for comparison and benchmarking.
  • It allows comparison across consumer segments, behaviors and demographics.

Which of the following is NOT consisted of the Brand Equity Index(BEI) calculation?

  • brand loyalty
  • brand they would recommend
  • favorite brand
  • willingness to pay price premium

Suppose Pantene’s BEI is less than its proportionate brand share, which of the following may be its cause?

  • low distribution
  • brand loyalty
  • high distribution
  • willingness to pay price premium

The chart below shows the Brand Equity Index(BEI) and the brand share of Kleenex,a brand of 2 tissues. What can you learn from it? (more than one answer)

  • The Brand Equity of Kleenex has not totally turned into its brand share.
  • The Brand Equity of Kleenex has totally turned into its brand share.
  • Kleenex could improve its brand share by effective promotions.
  • The decline of Kleenex will lead to decline in its brand share.

We know that TOMA is an important index while evaluating the awareness of a brand. Which of the following statement of TOMA is NOT TRUE?

  • It reflects the familiarity of customers.
  • It is also a vital component of price premium evaluation.
  • It is related with the overall competitiveness of a brand.
  • Strong brands should focus on the improvement of TOMA.

Here is the table of Benz’s Emotive Loyalty in Q1 and Q2. Suppose you are the CMO of Benz, what will you probably do next?

  • Ensure emotive loyalty
  • Ensure behavioral commitment
  • Provide brand relevance
  • Achieve brand saliency

While comparing two brands, if you want to know about a brand’s strengths, opportunities and improvement with Strategic Positioning Opportunity Grid, which of the factors will you usually compare with?(more than one answer)

  • brand performance
  • derived importance
  • strength of association
  • market share

If you want to examine the experience of the consumer and shopper with the brand. Which module(s) will you use to check? (more than one answer)

  • brand activation
  • brand builder
  • health check
  • brand shopper

Now we know that Nestle has a high Ad Activation Index, what does it indicate?

  • Nestle’s advertising spend is generating sufficient levels of recalls.
  • Nestle’s familiarity will continue to grow in the future.
  • Nestle is activating consumers with new introductions.
  • Nestle’s innovation and vitality.

Read the cola’s omega and delta data below. If you are the brand manager of Pepsi One, what are you supposed to do?

  • maintain loyal customers
  • focus on younger groups
  • create favorable “Delta Moments” for customers
  • launch new products

If you want to measure the effectiveness of advertising, which module will you choose to use?

  • Brand Activation
  • E.P.I.C
  • Foresight
  • Brand Builder

In the Winning Brands Module of Foresight, if a brand’s threat potential is high while its attraction potential is low, what will be its focus? (more than one answer)

  • reducing defection threat
  • driving adoption
  • driving emotive bonding among regular users
  • converting non-regulars to our brands

If Kimberly wants to achieve its brand share growth of 6%, which of the following module will you choose to use to help it optimize its marketing levers?

  • Foresight
  • Shopper Activation
  • Brand Activation
  • Brand Builder

What is Winning Brands targeted at?(more than one answer)

  • Existing WB clients
  • Existing non-WB clients
  • RMS & CPS clients
  • New-lapsed clients

Suppose you are digging into the KLEENEX brand and you want to know whether their recent introductions are performing well among their consumers. Which module will you usually use?

  • brand activation
  • category osmosis
  • shopper activation
  • brand builder

If you want to activate shoppers, which of the following will you study?

  • advertising activation index
  • brand cardio
  • pre-store and in-store purchase triggers
  • promotional activation

The chart below shows the awareness and use of ANTA. What CAN’T you learn from it?

  • ANTA doesn’t perform as well as its competitors like NIKE and FILA.
  • The awareness of both NIKE and FILA can be well translated into its use.
  • ANTA should focus on its advertising and promotion activities.
  • ANTA is underleveraged.