Welcome to Canadian Adventure Camp

In this module, you will learn a little about Canadian Adventure Camp, our goals and philosophies.

What is Canadian Adventure Camp all about?

Canadian Adventure Camp is a privately owned overnight camp, founded in 1975 by Skip Connett who is the current Senior Director.  The idyllic island location on beautiful Lake Temagami is the perfect spot to build a warm, inclusive community for campers.

Good Morning Swim Bay

The location of Canadian Adventure Camp results in a wonderful combination of natural beauty, and action-packed fun! I'm pretty sure this image is making returning staff camp-sick.

Campers can choose to be a general camper and choose from a range of activities all day.  They can also specialize as a waterskier/wakeboarder, a gymnast, a trampolinist or an aerialist and dedicate part of each day to their specialty.

Body painting is definitely the most fun art project to clean up!

Flying over the lake. 

Our goal is to help young people grow into responsible, well-rounded citizens by expanding their skills and knowledge within the fun atmosphere of summer camp.

Senior Fun at Swim Bay!

Heading off on a canoe adventure.

We aim to provide a strong character building atmosphere where campers develop the capacity to set and work towards goals, increase their confidence, build a 'can-do' attitude, improve their social skills and ability to live successfully with others.

Taking part in activities where a wide range of ages can participate together is valuable aspect of camp.

Learning a new skill can be scary, but our goal as staff members is to set campers up for success, and celebrate their accomplishments.

What do we aim to provide for every camper?

At Canadian Adventure Camp, we aim to provide a 

Explain briefly a couple of ways you will help make CAC safe, fun and inclusive.

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