Y8/7 Weather vs. Climate

Main objective: to better understand the difference between weather and climate


Take a look and think...

Write the answer to the following questions in your notebooks:

1. Which are the climatic zones for Cairo and Miami?

2. What do you find interesting about these images?

3. Whay do you think the time and date have been included?

August 20th 2017

December 13th 2013

Miami Beach (Florida) - USA
February 5th 2017

Miami Beach (Florida) - USA
September 25th 2017

Weather vs. Climate

How are weather and climate different? - exercise 1

Part A
Watch the video and answer these questions in your notebook:
1- What is climate?
2- What is weather?


Part B
Copy this image in your notebook. Decide wich part is referencing weather and which part is referencing climate. Explain your choice. 

How are weather and climate different? - exercise 2

  • the condition and minute-by-minute changes of the air, or the atmosphere, on our planet
  • temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction,
    factors that determine what the weather is like from one minute and one place to the next
  • the weather patterns over a long period of time in a specific area
  • rain, snow, sleet
    forms of precipitation
  • sleet
    ice crystals that fall toward the ground, partly melt, and then freeze again
  • rainy, stormy, sunny, cloudy, windy, humid, foggy, snowy
    types of weather
  • 1 (one)
    number of atmospheres on earth
  • Sabrina
    the name of your virtual geoagraphy teacher


Decide if the following statements are true or false

  • Climate changes really quickly.
  • Snow and sleet are forms of precipitation.
  • Rainy, stormy, sunny, cloudy, windy, humid, foggy, snowy are examples of climate.
  • Weather and climate are pretty much the same thing.
  • Temperature, humidity, wind speed and direction are climate change factors.
  • Tundra, mountain, arid, mediterranean, temperate, tropical are examples of climate.
  • weather can change within minutes

Early Finishers

What are the five elements of weather?

On-line research

Using the Internet, find examples of extreme weather for each of the five climatic zones.