Profitable Selling

Profitable Selling. This course introduces key principles for selling the RJ Schinner way. Before you begin, please note what you hope to gain from this course.

What I Want?

What do you hope to gain from this session? Be as specific as you can.


What is Profitable Selling?


In boring dictionary terms, profit margin is defined as the amount by which revenue from sales exceeds costs in a business. For example, if a case of hinged foam containers costs $25.00 and you sell it for $30.00, the profit margin is $5.00 or roughly 17%.

Why Are Profit Margins Important?

The $5.00 profit margin from the previous example is what is used to cover all the non-inventory expenses of a distribution company like paying for employee salaries, employee benefits, rent on buildings, fuel for trucks, and utilities (to name a few).

Without profit margin, you can't sustain a business.

Profitable Selling

Profitable selling is part science and part art. If you don't make a sale, there's no margin to be had. If you sell something for too little margin, there's not enough money to meet the expenses mentioned above. Understanding how to build enough profit margin into a sale is the objective of this course.