Nursing Process Introduction

This course is designed to help nursing students and LVN/RN to have a better understanding of the nursing process

Nursing Process Avid Health

Nursing Process Intro


Who should take this course?

  • All nurses who need a refresher course and nursing students
  • Only RNs
  • Only LVN
  • Nurses are not allowed to that this course

Nursing Process


What are the keywords you should know when working with the nursing process?

Critical thinking allows the nurse to?

Critical Thinking


What does critical thinking mean to you?

Subjective and Objective Data


List three examples of subjective data and three examples of objective data



List your response here for the assignment

Section Two Intro


Activity and Rest




Ego Integrity


Elimination, Food and Fluid







Pain and Discomfort




Safety, Sexuality, Social Interaction, Teaching, and Discharge