Intro to Axis


In this course, you'll be introduced to the basics of the Axis teaching and training platform.

The landing page

Log in and land

Log in

Using the username and password provided by your EF trainer, log in to Axis here (if you're working in China, click here).

Quick quiz - Where & what

Match the actions to the Axis tab where they can be completed.
  • Schedule
    Change my teaching availability, or enter class
  • Support / Help Center
    Access teacher resources
  • Performance / Student Evaluations
    Check student feedback
  • Async Services / Async Portal
    Correct student writing submissions
  • Performance / Performance Summary
    Check my teaching performance metrics
  • Community / Profile
    Change my teacher profile

The schedule page

Get in the zone

Quick quiz - The schedule

Drag the labels to identify where on the schedule page you can perform the following actions.
  • Change the time I'm available for teaching classes
  • Change my timezone
  • Go to the next, previous, or current week view
  • Send my Axis schedule to a google calendar


Performance / Student Evaluations

Performance / Student Evaluations

Navigate to Student Evaluations under the Performance tab to see feedback from your students.

Select class type and date range

You can view student feedback from either Group Lessons or Private Lessons for up to a 30 day range. You'll see an average for the date range at the top. Individual student responses are listed below based on the date and time of the classes. Here you can see students' exit survey scores for your lessons, suggestions, and praise. 

Async Services

Writing Corrections: Claiming, escalating, checking for plagiarism