Sitter Sweet Education


Welcome to Sitter Sweet

Welcome to Sitter Sweet,

We are so excited to have you on our team! By joining the company, you will see firsthand all of the increasing opportunities that will be available for you as we continue to experience exciting and rapid growth.  As a new member of  our team we hope to see your desire, pride and willingness to grow within the company as we take this amazing journey together.

We look forward to watching you develop and grow into an outstanding employee that exhibits a high-level of integrity, compassion, and care for others. Our philosophy at Sitter Sweet is that our sitters are our biggest asset, so your individual growth is of utmost importance to us. The following information will be your guidebook to becoming one of the best childcare providers in town. Please take the time to review our policies and procedures as we strive to provide you with tools to further your professional growth.

We look forward to working with you and our door is always open to help you every step of the way!


The Sitter Sweet Team!

Why We Hired You!


You are here because we find you to fit our 5 criteria areas: driven, responsible, mature, trainable, and creative. We feel as though you will become a great asset to Sitter Sweet. 

Work Ethic

A driven individual at Sitter Sweet must display high levels of work ethic. Not only will your work ethic reflect on your current job, but in years to come as you further your career.  


Sitter Sweet Sitters are all passionate about one thing: KIDS! Attentive, engaging, and compassionate individuals will gain the most out of working for Sitter Sweet. 

Sitter Testimonials

AnnaLissa G. 

Sitter since April 2016

"I love Sitter Sweet because it gives me a chance to be a kid again. Sometimes I will have had the most stressful week, but even after a few minutes with the kids, my whole outlook is brighter! I think kids just bring the best out of us."

Avery D. 

Sitter since October 2016

"Sitter Sweet has been such a fun part of my life ever since I joined. As a busy college student it is so nice to be able to find a job that works with my class schedule. Every family I have had to opportunity to sit for has been so sweet and loving and I always learn something new every time I step into a house. Whether it's sitting for the same family over several months and watching their children grow up and reach developmental milestones, or meeting kids for the first time and having them whisper to their mom at the end of the shift "Pretty please can she come back?" I always leave enlightened, joyful, and in the best mood. Kids have a special way of making you laugh at the little things in life and I wouldn't trade that opportunity for anything."

Victoria L. 

Sitter since November 2016

"I love getting to see the different facets of their personalities. I remember babysitting for a family one evening and the older kids were playing downstairs. I decided to go check up on the youngest upstairs. When I got to the play room, his back was to me, and he was all dressed up in a Star Wars costume. He had a lightsaber on and was reciting lines from the movie all by himself! I was so impressed by his creativity, his memory, and also by how much fun he was having all by himself!"

About Sitter Sweet

Meet Anne!

Anne Ingwalson



Originally from Minnesota, Anne now lives in Dallas as a single mother raising her children Alejo and Isabella.  When she divorced in 2012 she was constantly struggling to find sitters she could trust.  Her friends were having the same problem so she began setting the foundation to build a company that hired and trained the best sitters in town.

Over 3 years later Sitter Sweet finally launched in January of 2016 and has quickly grown to be a trusted household name with some of the most influential families in Dallas. Anne truly believes in building a culture that is respectful, fun and fair and it is evident in the way she treats her sitters that she is grateful for each one and their contribution to Sitter Sweet’s success.

Core Values

Children Come First 

Integrity in All That We Do

 Always on Time

Compassion for Others

 Executing Disciplined Operations

Sitter Sweet Moms

Sitter Sweet Moms Love Us! 

“We’ve been using Sitter Sweet for about one year, and all of the sitters are so respectful and sweet. I love the aspect that these sitters are in college and when we get their profiles it’s impressive. Sitter Sweet is so easy to schedule, we can request sitters even in the carpool line! Even if we don’t know who’s coming through the door I feel 100% confident and comfortable with them being here! They’ve all been so loving to our pets too! Every single time I’ve left our sitters are already asking what game they want to play or immediately going outside. Now our kids get excited when we go out!” 

- Megan Neitzel and Marcy Eller 

Sitter Sweet Members Since 2016

Sitter Sweet Kids

Sitter Sweet Kids Love Our Sitters! 

“My sitter always reads us books that we love. We play a game where she has us close our eyes and pick a page and then we find the animals on each page!”

“We love when they take us to the park because we get to ride our scooters! When I got to the park she helped me hang upside down on the monkey bars!” 

“Sitters always feel like a friend to us. We love getting lots of different sitters and they always ask us questions to get to know us.”

“We love sports, so every time we get a new sitter we get to play their favorite sports so I’m always trying new things. I like seeing what kind of activities the sitters like to do and play, we always have fun.”

- Michael (10),  George (8),  Brooke (7),  Evan (6), & Owen (4) 

Which of the following is not a Sitter Sweet core value?

  • Integrity in All That We Do
  • Children Come First
  • Always on Time
  • Sweetness in our Sweet Sitters
  • Executing Disciplined Operations

Booking Jobs

When I Work

Navigating When I Work

  • Using your smart phone, in the App Store, please download When I Work
  • This is the primary tool you will use while working shifts for Sitter Sweet
  • Create an account and add "Sitter Sweet" as your workplace (your manager will approve you)
  • Now you may begin using When I Work

Setting Your Availability

  • Default Setting: will automatically be set to available all day
  • Calendars are unlocked every Sunday in order to submit your schedule for the following week. EX: October 8 schedule updates will be for October 15-21. **More to follow**
  • Preferred Setting: The only setting that needs to be used. This lets us know when you are willing and able to work.
  • Unavailable Setting: The only time this needs to be used is if you are out of town. You need manager approval and he or she will update accordingly. 
  • Setting up your availability shows your manager how many sitters are available for every day. EX: If you are preferred from 8a-10p, and there is an Open Shift during this time, you are expected to accept that shift. 






Open Shifts

Specific Sitter Requests

Specific Sitter Requests

When submitting a booking request, parents have the option to request a specific sitter. When doing so they will put your name in the "specific sitter" section and the request will automatically be emailed to you. You will then have 2 hours from the time the request is made to accept the shift. Once 2 hours have passed, if not accepted, the request will be moved to an Open Shift. 

Read Family Profile

Shift Details

  • Name: the phone number listed here is the primary contact for the family and the number you will be sending a message
  • Address: this is the address where the shift will take place, please map this out 
  • Location: States which SS location the shift will take place in

Family Profile

  • Children information: Read throughly, children's ages, know their names, and family description (this helps you to get to know the family's expectations)
  • NOTE: VERY important to read the children's allergies and special needs. If you do not have experience with the special needs listed do NOT take the shift. Certain allergies may be listed to where the sitter, as well as the child, is not allowed to eat specific foods either. Pay VERY close attention to this

Send a Message to the Family

Texting the Family

After accepting the shift, a text message must be sent to the parents in order to open the lines of communication. This is a very standard text introduction with 7 key pieces: 

  1. State the family's name 
  2. State your name
  3. Include Sitter Sweet 
  4. Booking Date
  5. Booking Day of the Week 
  6. Booking Time 
  7. Specifying AM/PM 

In When I Work, you can read the family profile under the locations tab of the shift.

  • The family profile can be viewed under the "locations" tab.

What are the 7 parts to a standard opening text message to the family?

What are 2 reasons why you should pay extra close attention to a child's allergies?

Working Shifts

Map Out Job Site


  • We highly recommend using Waze as your primary GPS tool, it is extremely accurate with timing and updates for alternate routes should you encounter traffic, wrecks, etc.
  • You should input the address for your shift 3 times before arriving for your shift
    • First: before accepting the shift
    • Second: 12 hours before the shift
    • Third: 1-2 hours before shift
  • Checking your arrival time 3 times will reduce the chances of being late for your shift

Clocking In

Clocking In

  1. When I Work will alert you to clock in when you arrive and it will not allow you to clock in further than 100 yards from the job site.

  2. If the family wants you to arrive earlier and you can accomodate their request, let us know so we can change the time in WIW.

  3. Arrive 10 minutes early. If you are on time you are late. EX: scheduled at 6:00pm you are expected by the agency and parents to arrive by 5:50pm. 

  4. If you arrive and the family is not there, contact the family to see if you should wait. If yes, clock in and wait.  If they do not answer, call the agency. They will be charged the 3 hour minimum.

  5. If you forget to clock in let us know immediately so we can adjust your timesheet. NOTE: We cannot adjust your timesheet if we have already invoiced the family.


Engage With the Children

  • Arrive with a smile on your face
  • Leave your personal life at home.  If the parents don’t feel like you are excited to be there, they are not going to feel comfortable leaving their children with you.  
  • Ask the children questions, they love knowing that you are interested in their activities, school, life, etc.

Phone Use

Cell Phone Use

  • DO NOT BE ON YOUR PHONE while you are babysitting unless it is to speak with the parents, your manager, or to send updates.  Not only for safety reasons, but children tend to get into trouble when they are vying for an adult’s attention. We often get feedback from children and when sitters are on their phone, the children are unhappy. Complaints on phone use will be considered a strike against you.
  • For safety precautions: your phone should be fully charged and within reach at all times. 

Sending Updates

Sending Updates

  • Send updates to the parents about what you are doing with the kids
  • Parents love to get text messages with pictures of their kids having fun. It allows them to relax and enjoy their alone time. 
  • For some parents, leaving their children can be very difficult. If they know everything is going well while they are gone, this will increase the chances that they use Sitter Sweet again and thus increasing your job opportunities.

Clocking Out

Clocking Out

  1. Use the NOTES to tell us about your experience. This will help us better understand you as well as our families.  You can also use it to tell us any other details about the booking (late/early arrivals, tip offers and acceptance, behavioral issues, etc.).


        GREAT - You love the family and can’t wait to see them again

        GOOD - You like the family and will babysit for them again

        OK - Not your favorite but will babysit if no one else can

        BAD - I am not comfortable. Don’t send me back

Clocking Out Continued

  1. Clocking out before you actually leave may result in lost time and money. You never know, parents might ask you to help with a few things once they get home.

  2. Try not to stay and chat with the parents too much. They can feel taken advantage of if they sense you are running up the clock.

  3. Be polite and conversational but keep it short and focused on the children.  

  4. When I Work will notify you when you leave the property to clock out.

  5. If you forget to clock out, you must let a staff member know immediately.

Our SWEET Sitters



Be proactive! Everyone gets one opportunity and making a good first impression so be intentional about managing parent’s perceptions of you from the moment you walk in the door to the second you leave.

If the kids are sleeping or occupied with an activity, take the time to tidy up around the house and make sure dirty diapers are clean before they come home. 

Parents are more likely to book you again if they see that you are willing go above and beyond the call of duty. Sending a text like, "Hey Mrs. Johnson. The kids just went to bed. Is there anything I can do to help around the house?" goes along way in showing the parents that you are responsible. 


Your focus during the hours of your shift should always be on the family. Consider this an opportunity to forget about your problems and play for a few hours. Even if you get close to a family, try and be brief about your personal life. Let them get to know you, but they do not use this as an opportunity to talk about problems in your relationships, family life, or school.


Before starting a shift, take some time to read about the family you will be babysitting. How many kids do they have and what are their ages? Take the time to think of some age appropriate activities that you can play ahead of time. Eliminate the possibility of running late the day of by mapping the distance from your house to the job sight in advance. Remember, if you arrive on time, you are already late. We expect you to arrive 10 minutes early for every shift.

What GPS tool does Sitter Sweet recommend?

  • Google Maps
  • Waze
  • MapQuest
  • Car GPS

If you are scheduled for a 7:30 PM shift, what time should you arrive?

  • 7:00 PM
  • 7:30 PM
  • 7:20 PM
  • 7:15 PM

If you arrive at your job site and the family is not there, you should automatically leave.

  • If the family is not at the home at your time of arrival, you should automatically leave.

Handling Difficult Children

Calm, Confident & Compassionate

Stay Calm, Confident and Compassionate

  • Never yell at a child. If necessary, be firm but kind. Kids love to test a sitter's patience, don't panic and stay calm. 

  • Try and keep a smile on your face, be compassionate and remember that you can go home, but the parents are probably struggling on a daily basis with your same experience.

  • Staying confident leads parents to believe that you are in control while they're away. 

Be Honest

Be Honest 

  • Be honest and stay positive in your reviews to the parents at the end of night. If the children were misbehaving  be gentle in how you present that to the parents.

  • It is important that the parents hear about the situation from you first and not the child. Children have a way of exaggerating the truth, resulting in parents hearing an overstated version of the story from the child and not the adult (you). 

  • Please be aware that our families also abide by our three strike rule. If we have three complaints on a family, their profile will be removed from the site and they will no longer be able to book with Sitter Sweet. 

Ask For Help


  • Feel free to ask questions about how you can work better with their children and post those suggestions when you rate the family. This will help prepare sitters and the agency for future shifts.

  • If we continue to have issues with a family the agency may have to get involved and cancel the family’s account. We want this to be a good experience for you as well as the family.

  • You can always call a staff member if you feel you need help!

  • If you are having a bad experience with a child, please contact your manager immediately so he/ she can tell you how to handle the situation



  • Always use NOTES in WIW to document the situation when clocking out.
  • Save and send us any text messages/ communication you have with the family so we can understand the situation
  • After clocking out, please contact your manager immediately so he or she may document it in both the family and sitter's profile 
  • If you feel that you need to be removed from the situation immediately, call your manager and he or she will guide you through how to handle the problem

What are the three C's when handling difficult children?

  • Conservative, Confident & Compassionate
  • Calm, Confident & Compassionate
  • Calm, Confident & Caring
  • Calm, Complacent & Caring

How many complaints may a family receive before their profile is removed from the Sitter Sweet system?

Sitter Sweet families can receive complaints from sitters before their profile is removed and they are no longer able to book. 


Sitter Cancellations

Three Strike Rule

  • Integrity: One of our core values, if you accept a shift we expect you to follow through with your commitment. 
  • 3 cancellations and you will be terminated from Sitter Sweet 
  • If you must cancel, call your Sitter Sweet Manager, NOT the family
  • If you double book yourself with an outside job, you must follow through with your Sitter Sweet scheduled shift 

Sitter No Shows

No Shows

  • If you do not show up for a shift, you will be considered a "no call, no show"
  • Sitter Sweet has a zero tolerance policy with no shows. Your agreement with Sitter Sweet will be immediately terminated should this situation occur. 
  • If you cancel a shift, and the shift is not filled, you will be considered a no call, no show

Dropping Shifts

Using Work Chat

  • If you request a shift drop on When I Work, you must state your reason when prompted
  • Please contact other sitters using Work Chat and get the shift filled personally before contacting a manager 
  • Once your shift is successfully swapped, you should then contact your manager for approval and change completion 

Parent Cancellations

Parent Cancellations

  • If a parent cancels via text: please direct them to the website to submit a cancellation request
  • If the cancellation is within 24 hours of the confirmed shift, the parents will be charged a 3 hour cancellation fee 
  • Sitters will receive the cancellation fee as long as there are not any Open Shifts to take in place of their original scheduled shift. We do this in order to make sure that every sitter is giving the opportunity to receive payment for potential missed income. 

Parent No Shows

I'm at the house, no one is home

  • If you arrive to a home and the family is not there you should proceed accordingly: 
    • Contact the family, if they are running late clock-in and wait. 
    • No answer, contact your manager and she/he will contact the family 
    • Should this problem arise, please wait for your managers directions 

Accepting Jobs Outside Sitter Sweet

Sitter Sweet Families

How to handle a rebook  

  • If parents want to book you, always direct them to the website and inform them to insert your name in the "specific sitter" area of the booking request. (Example shown to the right). 
  • Parents should never contact you once a job is completed. Let us know immediately if this happens. We are here to make your lives easier
  • If you are booking jobs with Sitter Sweet families outside of the system, this will result in immediate termination.

Families Prior to Sitter Sweet

Working for NON Sitter Sweet Families 

  • If you have a family who you worked for before Sitter Sweet, you can book with them outside the system.

  • Make sure your calendar is managed properly so you don’t double book.

  • If you are double booked with  a job outside the system, Sitter Sweet comes first.

  • Remember 1 no-show or 3 cancellations and you will no longer be able to book jobs through Sitter Sweet.

A Sitter Sweet family texts you and would like to book you for the upcoming weekend. You:

  • Accept the job immediately
  • Ignore their text
  • Direct the parents back to the website to submit a booking request form
  • Contact your manager first

What If's?

Special Needs

Caring for Children with Special Needs

In the family's profile you will see what special needs, if any, their children may have. If you are not comfortable with caring for that child or do not have experience needed do not take the shift, but always keep in mind many times special needs children just take extra patience and love. 

Remember that some of these disorders may not yet be diagnosed, so don’t be too quick to judge the parents if some kids are misbehaving or seem out of control. Not only are the children probably struggling at school, but also socially and at home. That can be exhausting and frustrating for the child knowing they are different and not knowing why or how to fix it. Be compassionate when caring for these kids. No kid wants to misbehave but they do it because of a struggle stemming from another place.

Keep in mind when you are having a tough night with a child that you are only there for a short period of time. You are giving hardworking parents a much needed break, and that is worth its weight in gold. Don’t allow the kids to get you down. Stay positive and compassionate since that child is struggling too. If you are having a hard time engaging with a special needs child, sometimes it helps to start a project by yourself and see if they follow your lead. Hearing an idea sometimes doesn’t register like seeing someone doing something. Get out the paper and colors and start coloring. See if they’ll join you!  

Administering Medication

Administering Medication

  • Never administer medication without the parent's consent
  • If the child requires a regular medication, make sure you have detailed directions prior to administering. 
  • Once administered, document the amount given and time for parents 

Inclement Weather

Inclement Weather

If bad weather should arise, you will receive a notification from your manager on the protocol to follow 

All weather-related decisions will be made by your manager. This includes all weather and road conditions 

Your safety is of utmost importance to us, so trust that we will make an educated decision

Parent Text Confirmation

I texted the family to confirm and haven't heard back, what do I do?

With parent's busy schedules and hectic lives, sometimes they forget to respond. Please follow these steps to avoid any confusion: 

  • Double check the phone number. Make sure you input the number from the primary contact correctly into the outgoing text message. 
  • If you don't hear back within 24 hours of your scheduled shift, please call the family. 
  • Should the family not answer, contact your manager and he or she will contact the family and provide you with further instructions. 

I Can't Clock In

What if I can't clock in? 

  • Certain factors may arise when a sitter is unable to clock in: picking kids up from school, limited cell service, etc. 
  • Should you receive the notification seen on the left, please screen shot the notification and send to your immediate manager. 
  • He/ She will be able to clock you in from any location.

NOTE: the screen shot is very important as it shows your manager the exact time you attempted to clock in.

Expectations to Follow

Sitter Sweet Expectations

The follow list of expectations apply to ALL sitters

  1. Must be able to commit to working a minimum of 20 hours per month
  2. Must be able to commit to working at least two weekend shifts per month 
  3. CPR certification must be kept current 
  4. Background checks will be run prior to working your first shift, this one time fee will be deducted from your first pay check 
  5. Arrival for every shift 10 minutes early 
  6. No phone use unless it is to contact the family, send updates, or contact your manager
  7. Absolutely no use of the family's television or personal items, you may bring a book or schoolwork to occupy time post bedtime and tidying up
  8. Zero tolerance for sleeping during a shift unless it is an overnight stay
  9. No drinking alcohol 24 hours prior to your scheduled shift 
  10. Zero tolerance for drinking alcohol on the job 
  11. Tip acceptance must follow the guidelines listed within this training and documented 


How do parents pay?

Parent Payments

  • Sitter Sweet employees will invoice the parents within 24-48 hours from completion of service 
  • Parents will then be able to pay their invoices online with any debit or credit card
  • Invoices must be paid within 7 days to avoid late fees

How do sitters get paid?

Pay Day

  • Payroll is every Wednesday for the previous week’s work (Wednesday-Tuesday). 
  • After receiving payment email and instructions, you are responsible for setting up your direct deposit via Once completed, payroll will be sent to the account linked. If you do not enroll in direct deposit you will receive a check to the address listed. 
  • You are a 1099 Independent Contractor and will be responsible for your own taxes.

What do I do if my family cancels via text?

Family Cancels

Please redirect the family to fill out a cancellation request via the Sitter Sweet website.

The 24 hour cancellation policy is in place to protect you! 

If the family cancels within 24 hours of the scheduled shift and there are not any Open Shifts available, you will receive the 24 hour cancellation fee. 

Quiz Time!

Matching Part One

  • How many strikes can a sitter receive before being terminated?
  • How many minutes early should a sitter arrive before a shift?
  • What GPS tool does Sitter Sweet recommend?
  • At what time can Sitter Sweet implement an inconvenience fee?
  • What is the minimum number of hours a sitter must commit?
  • How many weekend shifts must a sitter work?

Special Needs

If a parent is in need of specific training for a child with special needs and you do not have the experience needed you should always the shift.

What are the steps if you are not able to clock in?

  • Step One
    Double check you are at the correct location
  • Step Two
    Make sure your Location Services are on in your settings for When I Work
  • Step Three
    Screen shot your homepage of When I Work which includes location and time
  • Step Four
    Send screen shot to manager
  • Step Five
    Make notes in documentation when you clock out

What reason(s) are you allowed to be on your phone?

  • Contacting the family
  • Sending updates to the family
  • Sending texts to friends
  • Contacting your manager
  • Doing Snapchat filters

No Call, No Show

If you are considered a no call, no show, this will result in  

What are the five core values?

  • Always on Time
  • Integrity In All That We Do
  • Children Come First
  • No Phone Use
  • Compassion for Others
  • Executing Disciplined Operations
  • Reliable Transportation

If a parent cancels within 24 hours you will always receive the 3 hour minimum fee.

  • Type your statement here...

Contact Us

Contact List

Work Chat

Within your When I Work app, there is a Work Chat section. Please use this channel of communication to contact Sitter Sweet Employees. If you are in need of immediate assistance, use the contact information listed below: 

Anne Ingwalson


(214) 683-4607

[email protected]

Taylor Thompson 

Operations Manager

(214) 212-6302

[email protected]