Project Management refresher for Exclusive Events

Does the sharing of resources at Exclusive Events feel more like running head first into a brick wall than teamwork?  Then it may be time for you to brush up some of those Project Management best practices that you have studied but don't apply anymore! This two week refresher course will revisit the fundamentals of Project Management, refine the skills to let you succeed  and guide you through the steps to create a detailed, methodical Project Plan.  

Define Project Management

What is the main difference between Project Management and Departmental Management?

Project Management and Departmental Management

Managing projects require many of the same skills than managing departments. Both provide career paths for those with strong leadership skills, however, the two functions differ in terms of infinity and authority.

Departmental Management

Departmental management refers to a manager’s role in recruiting, developing and motivating employees to perform their best.  Departmental management is an ongoing responsibility and continue as long as the employer-employee relationship exists.

Some managers are directive in their approach, telling people what to do and discipline those who don’t do it.  Others are authoritative, setting the vision and then allow the team to complete the work on their own. Some follow an affiliative approach, focusing on teams to bond and to work together to achieve its goals. The participative manager asks all the team members what they would like to do, and the pacesetting leader leads the team to operate with high energy, engagement and motivation. The coaching leader is more concerned with learning experience for each team member.

Project Management

Project management refers to the planning, organizing and implementing of a project with specific goals and to meet specific criteria.  It has a specific start and end date and the aim is to produce a defined outcome.


Managing a project differs from managing a department.  A department head is higher up the hierarchy, while a project manager can be a lower-level employee. A project has a finite lifespan, while department management is an ongoing process.

  • A project has a finite lifespan, while department management is an ongoing process.
  • A Project Manager usually outranks a department manager.
  • Departmental Management refers to a manager's role in projects with specific criteria.
  • Project Management and Department Management requires a complete different set of skills.

Create a Project Plan

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