Dealersocket CCM Training

Here you will learn all the ins and outs of Dealersocket, RevenueRadar, Service Dashboard, Mobile CRM/ServiceCRM, Marketing, Sales Dashboard, and Admin. 

Get to Know Dealersocket


Dealersocket CRM

Dealersocket CRM is the hub where we perform all of our customer management. It also pushes and pulls data from our DMS which is CDK. Dealersocket is ran based on Customer info, where the DMS runs off of vehicle info, that will help you to understand how to search for information within Dealersocket.

Main Page

Employee Dashboard

Service Dashboard

Resource Scheduling

Our scheduler is based off of the Resource Scheduling tool. Our Resources are broken up into 6 categories.

  • Quick Service
  • Intermediate Service
  • Major Service
  • Recalls
  • Diagnostic
  • Safety & Emissions
  • General
  • Quick Service-  Quick Service Appointments would be classified as a 5k & 10k interval as well as Brent Brown AutoCare, and ToyotaCare. We want these Appts scheduled 1:00-7:00. 
  • Intermediate Service-These are going to be your 15k intervals but start at 45k. Those appts usually take 2  hours. We want those in the later morning for opportunity to upsell. 
  • Major Service- These are going to be your 30k intervals. Those appts usually take 3 plus hours. We want those in the later morning for opportunity to upsell. 
  • Recalls- We can only take 16 recall appointments per day starting at 8 in the morning until 9:45 with only 2 per time slot. Mon-Fri. Saturdays we can only take 4 appts starting at 8 and ending at 8:45. 
  • Diagnostic- Diagnostic Appts we want scheduled in the mornings so we are able to find the problem before lunch and have a remedy for it. If we have to do an afternoon you will not want that later than 1. 
  • Safety and Emissions- We would like to start at 11 and stop at 3. 
  • General- These are going to be the op codes like MISC, INS, CFM. They have to have a resource assigned to them, but do not add to the time of the appt.


We will dive into more detail within the scheduler and what each item will tell you.

Scheduling an Appt

Create an Appointment

If the customer has purchased or serviced with us before, before you set an appointment it is imperative that you verify that all the information is correct, i.e. Address, Email, Phone #'s, and Miles. If there is a vehicle that is marked active that the customer no longer owns. Mark that vehicle inactive to disable all campaigns that will be running on it. 

Select Vehicle

  • Current Customer- Select the vehicle from the drop down menu and Update to the current miles.
  • New Customer- Get the Year, Make, Model, VIN, Miles. It is extremely important to get the VIN from the customer because if the VIN is not in there you will run into more issues with DMS push errors, as well as NO Show appointments when they did show. As mentioned, CDK follows vehicles, Dealersocket follows customers. 

Appt Info

Here you will select the time, date, advisor, and transportation.

Service Event

You will select the source whether it is inbound call, outbound call, or walk-in from this section.

Requested Service

You will insert the requested service here. You are also able to use the recommended Services based off of mileage as long as you confirm with the customer. If you don't know an OP Code you can search by the description. You can also view declined Services, Service History, work notes, and to dos in this tab. INS, and CFM go in every appointment. Then press Save.

Employee Dashboard

Employee Dashboard 

Service BDC will use this for their outbound to do's. It is just like the sales side but within the Service Dashboard. To complete a to do they would select a name. 

Complete To do

Here they would select complete once they have completed the call.

New To Do

They can schedule a new to do within this screen. If they want to schedule an appointment for this customer, they have to press New, the select Appointment, then New again. You can also schedule a new to do by simply pressing save up top. If you schedule a new appointment though that way, you just want to make sure you assign yourself a new outbound call 5 months from now under the to do tab in the appointment screen. 



The goal is to have Parts and service look here to see untouched Parts, and Service Leads. Though not everyone is there yet and will have to be trained. You can also see valuable information here on the Service Drive. 



Here you can change the Default Op Code, Advisor Capacity, or Resource Capacity, and set a service special.


Once and Advisor has been added under New Users, and had a schedule assigned to them, you can add them to the Advisor list. The Dispatch code is always S2100.

Access List

Advisors and Service BDC have to have access. BDC gets the ability to change all info where . Advisors just get, View, Edit, and Create. 

Override Permissions

Only people outside of Admin, and Upper management who get override permissions is Advisors. They can only change the Appt Max.


Here you are able to create recommended services for service intervals. 

Rank the appointment process from start to finish

  • What services are you needing?
  • How many miles does your vehicle have?
  • What day of the week works best for you?
  • I have a (time) and a (time) what works best for you?
  • Have you serviced or purchased with us before?
  • What is the telephone number we have on file?
  • Are you still located at?
  • Is the best email still?
  • What is the best phone number for you? Is that mobile or land line?
  • Would you like to opt in to receive text updates on your vehicle?
  • Do you plan on waiting for your vehicle or utilizing our shuttle services?
  • I have you scheduled for (Date) and (Time) for (Services Needed) is there any additional services you need at this time?
  • Perfect thank you for your time and we look forward to seeing you.

Where can you see previous Service History?

Click the correct answer on the picture. 

Where can you see File History on a Service Appointment?

Where do you select if a client is going to Wait, or use our Shuttle Services?

Click the correct answer on the picture. 

Where do you change the Source?

Click the correct answer on the picture. 

Where can you set additional To Do's?

Click the correct answer on the picture. 

Where do you insert Services Needed?

Click the correct answer on the picture. 

Where do you text a customer?

Click the correct answer on the picture. 

Marketing Tools

List Builder

List Builder

With List builder you are able to compile lists of various customers. There is countless ways and lists you can build so it will depend on the customer information you are looking for. The video above highlights a brief way to pull some active sold customers assigned to a specific salesman during a certain time frame, and on a specific vehicle.

Email Templates

Email Templates

Under email templates you are able to create a new template, or edit an existing template. It is important to put them into the correct category as well as assign the right visibility settings. All email templates are done in HTML format in order for them to be responsive on all devices. Because of this, it can be difficult to edit those emails in the visual editor. See Sydney for help if needed.

Document Editor

Document Manager

Under Document Manager you are able to create a new Documents, or edit an existing Document. Documents are used for auto emails, or for mass emails. It is important to put them into the correct category. All documents are done in HTML format in order for them to be responsive on all devices. Because of this, it can be difficult to edit those documents in the visual editor. See Sydney for help if needed.


Revenue Radar Pings

Revenue Radar

  • Revenue Radar is used for our Data Mining tool.
  • The pings that are used are Smart Payment, Equity, Lower APR, End of Term. Revenue Radar can be used for the Service BDC with No service in X Months, Sold not Serviced, and Declined Services.
  • When a customer qualifies for one of those alerts, it creates a ping. 
  • Just like in Employee Dashboard, there are filters you can use, as well as you can save those filters for future use. 
  • When you select a Customer, it will pull up their deal profile. 
  • You are able to see their purchase information. 
  • You see a trade estimate which you are also able to edit.
  • You can also select vehicles, lease vs purchase, incentives, more money down etc. 
  • Make sure to always select recalculate.
  • The bottom quadrant gives you new vehicle info. It is important to remember that this is only a guesstimate. 

Revenue Radar Inventory

RevenueRadar Inventory

You are able to use the Inventory feature of RevenueRadar is there is inventory that you have to move more quickly. The Customers show you how many customers qualify for that particular vehicle and is of benefit to them.

Revenue Radar Service

RevenueRadar Service

The Service tab of RevenueRadar displays the service appointments for the day, a trade equity position, or a value, and what Radar Categories they are in. Regardless if they have a Radar or not, these are still customers we should try and speak to.

Where is the Estimated Trade Value

Press where it is located on the screen. 

Which statement is true, and which statement is false?

  • You are able to edit the Trade Amount
  • No You can not edit the trade Amount

What do you press to see incentives?

Which Statement is True and Which Statement is False?

  • You are able to edit the sales price.
  • You are unable to edit the sales price.

What do you click in order to see the Deal Recap?

Click the correct spot on the picture. 

Where do you update the status of the ping?

Click the correct spot on the picture. 


Adding a New User

Adding a New User

Here is where you will add the new user for sales, INT/BDC, and service BDC. It will create the phone ID in order to use click to call. Assign the right outbound line, and the correct group.