Basic Selling Skills

In this course you will learn the basic selling skills needed to help customers on the salesfloor!

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What is our #1 priority?

1.1 Given a Common Workplace Scenario, Employees Will be Able to Ask Two Open Ended Questions, Where the Customer's Response Cannot be "Yes" or "No".

Questions, Questions...

Give Two Examples of Open Ended Questions Where the Customer Can't Respond "Yes" or "No"

2.1 While Interacting With the Customer, Employees Will be Able to Determine Customer's Needs and Wants by Asking Two Qualifying Questions to Correctly Determine Type of Product Desired.

Determining the Customer's Needs and Wants.

Mark qualifying questions true and other questions false.

2.2 After Listening to Customer's Responses to Qualifying Questions, Employee Will Verify Understanding of Customer's Needs and Wants by Correctly Repeating Info Back to Customer.

Make Sure You Understand.

Give an example of how you would repeat back the customer's needs and wants to verify you understand what they are looking for. In this case, you have determined they want a set of stainless steel pans that has glass lids and includes a 12 in. frying pan.

So far so good!

Where am I?

What is our #2 priority?

3.1 After Escorting Customer to Appropriate Products, Employee will Explain What a Feature is and What a Benefit is.

Features & Benefits

Match the correct description to the term.

–°ombine elements from the left column with the elements on the right
A Task that a product can complete.
The outcome of the feature that benefits the customer.

4.1 While Interacting with Customer, Employee will Correctly Provide Two Reasons a Higher End Product Will Benefit the Customer.

Up, Up, Upselling!

Choose two reason why a higher end product will benefit the customer.

4.2 While Interacting With the Customer, Employee Will Successfully Provide Two Reasons, Why an Add-on, Will Benefit the Customer.

Don't Forget the Add-On!

Fill in the blank in these statements about add-on items.

Fill in the blank in this statement about add-on items.

5.1 While Interacting With the Customer, Successfully Provide Two Reasons Product is Right for the Customer and Explain Our Satisfaction Guarantee.

Closing the sale!

Provide two reasons this product is right for the customer.

Which statement best describes our satisfaction guarantee?

5.2 While Interacting With the Customer, Provide Two Statements to Positively Reinforce the Customer's Buying Decision, Then Provide Two "Thank You" Statements to Thank the Customer for Their Patronage, to Successfully Close the Sale.


Mark the positive reinforcement statements true and the others false

Choose the two best statements for thanking a customer.

Let's see how well you remember!

Which of these are benefits?

Select all of the qualifying questions.

If the customer has described a king size memory foam pillow, what question would you ask to make sure you understand correctly?

Which of these are features?

Which of these is the best way to open the sale?

How would you let the customer know they made a good buying decision?

Why would we try to upsell a product to a customer?

Why would we offer add-on items to a customer?

Which is a good way to start closing the sale?

Which statement best describes our satisfaction guarantee?

Pick the best Thank You statements

One more time... What is our #1 priority?