Hatchit Selection


This small course is designed to help us to understand you. We want everyone at Hatchit to be a great fit for this fun and successful team. Don't worry there is no pass/fail mark. We are looking to understand you, and specifically see what stage you are at on your learning journey.

The course is designed to inform and test you on a few things that will make you a great fit for us.

Please do your best and have fun too. 






What is this selection process?

Why does this exist?

Hatchit has the best AwareIM developers in the world. We also have the largest & most developed software product developed using this revolutionary tech platform. 

AwareIM developers are an extremely limited resource worldwide. So when you’re the best, who do you learn from and who can you recruit great developers from?  Well the answer is "no one"....  you find, train and create your own great team.

Welcome to the first frontier of Hatchit's selection process. If you are here you probably already have an interest in joining a great remote team of dedicated and fun people, and make a difference by building awesome applications that change our customer's lives.


What are we looking for?

  • No previously learnt dev skills are useful in this new world of AwareIM development. For example Java/PHP etc are no use, in fact they may be a hindrance to your progress. If you view Aware as wasting your built capital/skills in other coding skills this could be an issue. But look at this as an opportunity expand your skill base, and learn exciting new skills. 

  • But dev experience is useful in some ways...  it shows us you know how to think logically and how applications are built with Objects, Databases, business/systems logic and the like. 

  • What we really want is people who are .... smart, love tech, want to code without the drudgery of coding, enjoy building things and seeing finished products, will self learn & learn fast, have high energy, a massive drive to succeed, and brilliant attention to detail.... Simple huh!


The proposition?

  • Your willingness to learn and excel will be rewarded with the provision of endless (well paid) work and membership of a great team. 


Spot the Difference!


What is this all about?

Remember when you were a kid and you used to play the game where you had two pictures that looked exactly the same but had little differences?  You had to spot and circle the differences. Well this test is pretty similar. 

The Hatchit Way

When we build systems at Hatchit we have a certain way of doing things. Like a design guide, we lay out our forms in a similar fashion, we use consistent headers and labels etc. Consistent design is important for improving user adoption, and we call our method "the Hatchit way".

In the next section we will show you a video explaining some important elements of the Hatchit way. Following that we're going to show you some screens of a system that has some intentional errors. We want you to spot the problems and identify / explain what the issue is. 

But Why Am I doing this?

Well, at Hatchit we believe it's everyone's job to build systems that are great to use. Even if you are a hardcore dev that loves to build algorithms, someone has to use that algorithm. And every user loves a clean, consistent and nice looking interface. Obviously we're building testing your attention to detail. 

Good luck and have fun!

The Hatchit Way - Describing Form Design

Watch this video on the Hatchit Way - Describing Form Design



Tell us what's wrong with this app...

Tell us what's wrong with this app...

Using the login details below you will find a simple app for some CRM features, some of this is not designed to meet the Hatchit way, please see how many items/things you can see wrong with this app. 

Click here to begin

The best to record your results is to take a screenshot, put in a red arrow pointing to the mistake, and a few words of text explaining what you think is wrong. 

Improve This Report!


What needs to be done?

On the next page is a PDF Report that has been designed with the Aware report designer. It's pretty simple, it simply involves a form and a sub-report. The report could be improved in it's layout and design. Provide at least 5 things that could be done to this report to make it better for the user. Look for design changes and general look and feel ideas.

Why am I doing this?

When working at Hatchit you will cover all aspects of development and even beyond development, you will sometimes need to be a designer, the UI person, the business analyst and documenter. Often you will need to interpret the client need and envisage how the system needs to change - or be built.  This variety is what makes the work interesting and challenging. This challenge looks at how you can design and layout reports. 

What to do?

Make this report better!

In the app from the previous section is a PDF report, review the report and tell us some of the most important changes you would do to make it better. Just take some screenshots and add some notes and save them in a Google Doc to share with us. 

You can access the report by logging in here:

Click here to login

And then going to:

Build a Contact Management App


What is this all about?

Now it's time to get your hands dirty and give Aware a try.  Let's build an app - a Contact Management app - using AwareIM. Yes, you know nothing about how Aware works right? Don't worry, in the next stage we have a short introduction video that is going to take you through the basics. So here is what you will do:

  1. Watch the video, there are hyperlinks on the next page, grab your headphones as there is audio too
  2. Download the AWS Workspace client. This is a virtual desktop that already has the AwareIM IDE installed and running, you need a client to access this desktop. There are clients available for Windows and Mac. When you have it downloaded you will be provided the registration code, the username and password to login. 
  3. Start building the Contact Management App described below.

What do I need to build?

We want you to build a functional, Contact management app. It should enable you to create and store contacts, like you would on your phone or in a CRM system. It is a business app, so think about the kinds of fields and data that a businessman would like to store in an online system. If you want to make it specific to something you know then that is fine, just tell us more about the objective and the person you are building it for. 

You can make it as fancy as you like, and of course you get more points for cool stuff. At the very least we would like your app to have at least two "Business Objects" - one for People and one for Company.

AwareIM Tutorial Videos

Watch these videos on Basic AwareIM Tutorial 

Note: if you make them full screen they won't be blurry

First watch this very short video about how to login to your AWS Workspace and start AwareIM:


Then there is a full list of videos on the AwareIM website here:


As a minimum you are going to need to watch the videos on:

  • Getting Started 
  • Relationships
  • Forms
  • Business Rules
  • Queries
  • Visual Perspectives



What to do?

So you're ready to go:

  • Download the AWS Desktop client from here:  https://clients.amazonworkspaces.com 
  • your login details are:   u/n hatch6 and p/w [email protected]
  • when you are in the workspace you will notice a few icons on the desktop, use them to:
    •  Start Aware Server 
    •  Open the Aware Configuration Tool
    • (the first video will show you how to do this)
  • The rest is up to you, follow the instructions in the videos. If you want to dig deeper the AwareIM "User Guide" is available here:  http://www.awareim.com/documentation/ It is long but the FUNCTIONS part starting on Page 400 is very useful.

Write a Userguide


What is this all about?

Well this is easy. Remember that great contact management app you built in the last section? Now we need you to document a little user guide. Imagine you are providing your app to a business woman to use to store her contacts in (and whatever else your app does). Well she need to know how to use it and this User Guide will be provided to her. 

We want see what your your writing and communication skills are like. Just create a Google Doc and share with us. Feel free to use screenshots and any other techniques you think will make it easy to read and understand. 

Function Test


What is this all about?

FUNCTIONS are simple pieces of code in Aware that allow you to perform calculations and process logic. 

The AwareIM User Guide has many pages of functions you can use in Aware, they start on Page 399. In the next section there are four common problems that can be solved using functions on these pages. 

Functions In AwareIM

In this section we want you to go back to your contact management app and build these four functions into the app. 

1. Create two attributes named ContactAge (Number type) and ContactDOB (Date type). Write a rule to set the contact's age based on what the user enters into ContactDOB (DOB = Date of Birth)

2. Create a plaintext attribute called LCName -  write a rule to set this attribute to the firstname & lastname of the contact in ALL lower case letters with no spaces. 

3. Create a date attribute called DateSearch - write a rule to set this values based on the date part of the CreatedDate timestamp.

4. Create a number attribute called DaysOpen - write a rule to set the number of days this contact has been open (the difference between DateSearch & Current date) 

5.. Create plaintext attribute - InitialAndName - write a rule to set this attribute to first letter of FirstName, a dot, a space, then the LastName. For example Richard Smith will show as R. Smith 

Review This App & Answer Three Tickets


What is this all about?

This section hasn't been written yet!  Go grab a coffee you are done!