VO9 - RailKit Safety Handrails

This course provides field service vendors with an overview of our RailKit safety handrail product offered by Cyprexx Services.

1. Overview

Safety at our properties is the always primary concern of our clients.

Stairs with no handrail present is a very common safety hazard.  

Once the need for a safety handrail to be installed is reported to Cyprexx (with photos), the assigned Cyprexx coordinator may request that you install a handrail to ensure that there is not a safety hazard present.

Below is an example of a common situation that requires a safety handrail installation. You will notice that there are stairs present but no handrail. 


A handrail can be installed to address this common safety hazard.


2. Overall Process Outline

The process is outlined below:

1) Vendor takes Before photos of area where HANDRAIL is to be installed

2) Vendor takes measurements and determines appropriate length of handrail to be installed

* Standard HANDRAILS are available in 4 ft. or 6 ft. lengths. If the job requires a handrail longer than 6 ft. in length, contact a coordinator for guidance.

3) Vendor submits photos and measurement to their assigned Cyprexx coordinator

4) Vendor determines if the handrail posts will be side-mounted or mounted using bases

5) Cyprexx coordinator orders the HANDRAIL materials based on the vendor's recommendation and photos

6) Cyprexx coordinator sends a work order to the vendor


Once the vendor receives the handrails and all hardware via FedEx:

7) Vendor installs HANDRAIL (and takes Action photos)  

8) Vendor takes After photos, submits them to the Cyprexx coordinator, and reports the job as complete

3. Our Handrail Product

Our handrail product that has been approved exclusively for use at Cyprexx properties has a pre-fabricated aluminum design and involves very little alteration, if any. A handrail kit typically consists of a handrail, posts, caps, brackets, mounting hardware, bases (optional).

Here is an example of a handrail with posts and no bases. In this example, the side-mount method was used.

This handrail option is appealing to our clients because it is:

  • lightweight
  • pre-fabricated
  • sturdy
  • more visually appealing than more temporary options constructed of wood  


4. Mounting Options

The posts that support the handrails can be mounted one of two ways:

A) using the base-mount method


B)  using the side-mount method

*Base-Mount (base attached to post)
Side-Mount (no bases)

* Please note: if using base-mounts, the handrail posts will be sent to you with the bases already attached to one end of each post.

5. Tools/Items You Will Need

You will need to have the following items readily available in order to complete installations:


Drill Bit - 1/4" (for use with aluminum)
Drill Bit - 3/16" (for use with masonry)
Nut Driver - 1/4"
Nut Driver - 5/16"
Metal Washers - (used to level post bases)


* Handrail posts must be (horizontally) level and (vertically) plumb.  

Miter Saw or Chop Saw with Carbide blade (for cutting rails/posts)





6. Handrail Materials Provided by Cyprexx

The handrail materials (including mounting hardware) will be shipped to you via FedEx.  These will typically include:

  • Aluminum handrail
  • Posts (with or without bases attached)  
  • Brackets with mounting hardware
  • Concrete screws a.k.a Tapcon screws

7. Work Orders

Work orders will be sent to you via email from the assigned Cyprexx coordinator.

After you receive the work order, please be sure to confirm that you received it and provide an estimated date of completion.

8. Work Order Example : On the example below, use your cursor to hover on the "hotspots" to see a description of each item.

9. Side-Mount Installation Scenario

First, you should assess the area where the handrail will be installed. Keep in mind that handrails:

  • typically come in 4 ft. or 6 ft. lengths
  • the rail should be between 34 to 38 inches in height once installed

The posts that support the handrails can be mounted two different ways:

1) Base-mounted

2) Side-mounted

10. Side-Mount Installation Scenario

In this installation scenario shown below, the stairs are made of wood so we will utilize the side-mount method to mount the handrail posts to the side of the stairs.

11. Side-Mount Installation Scenario

In this scenario, we will be installing a handrail with two posts. Both posts will be mounted to right side of the wooden stairs using the Side-Mount method. The right side is ideal since the doorknob is on the right side of the door.


First, you must use measurements to estimate the length of the handrail to be installed. (Handrails come in a standard height so the length is your primary concern).

12. Side-Mount Installation Scenario

Next, submit your measurements/estimation and Before photos to the appropriate Cyprexx coordinator.

13. Side-Mount Installation Scenario

The coordinator will then send you a Work Order (including a tracking number for the handrail materials that will be sent to you via FedEx.

14. Side-Mount Installation Scenario

Once the handrail materials have been delivered to you, open the box and make sure that all of the necessary items are present.



This installation kit includes:

  • a 4 ft. horizontal handrail with 2 caps
  • 2 handrail posts with caps
  • 2 brackets with mounting hardware
  • 4 concrete screws for attaching posts to stairs

15. Side-Mount Installation Scenario

When you are ready to complete the installation:

First, drill two holes through each post using the 1/4" drill bit (for aluminum).

Second, use the provided self-tapping screws to attach the posts to the wooden stairs.* Handrail posts must be vertically plumb (perfectly straight up and down).

16. Side-Mount Installation Scenario

Next, attach the posts to the handrails using the provided brackets.

Always be sure to vertically and horizontally level your posts before you complete the installation.


17. Side-Mount Installation Scenario

Once the post caps and brackets are securely in place, your installation is complete!


5) Submit your After photos to Cyprexx and report the job as complete.


18. Side-Mount Installation (Concrete)

Handrail posts can also be attached to concrete (see below).

19. Base-Mount Installation Scenario

In some situations, you may determine that it's best to utilize the Base-Mount installation.

For instance, if you are mounting the handrail post to a concrete surface (see below)...When you request a handrail kit with posts and bases, the posts will be sent to you with the bases already attached to the bottom of the posts. 

20. Base-Mount Installation Scenario

To install a post (with base):

Set the post/base in place and drill the pilot holes.

If necessary, place washers under the base to ensure that the base is level.

Use a level to make sure the post is plumb (vertically straight) and level.


Secure the base to the concrete using concrete screws (provided).

21. Before, Action, and After Photos

Don't forget to submit Before, Action, and After photos for each job.

Here are some examples of After photos...

 Rear post with cap in place and bracket attached:

 Front post with cap in place and bracket attached:

Installation complete!


22. Handrails Will Typically be BRONZE

Please note: 

The photo examples of handrails depicted in this presentation are white in color, however, all handrail kits will be bronze unless otherwise noted.  

23. Cutting

Please note: in some instances, posts and handrails may need to be cut to exact size to ensure proper height/length.TIP: When cutting an aluminum post or rail, always use a Carbide blade and make your cuts slowly.


24. Handrail HEIGHT Must be 34" - 38"

Keep in mind, once installed, the handrail must be:

  • at least 34" above the surface below.
  • no more than 38" above the surface below. 

(?) The primary concern of our clients is

  • keeping the lawn trimmed
  • selling the property
  • safety
(Select the option that best applies.)

(?) Fill in the blanks.

When you encounter stairs that do not have a handrail, you should always alert the appropriate Cyprexx coordinator and submit  If the coordinator requests the installation of a handrail, you will need to determine whether the situation calls for a handrail that is  or  in length. Once the Cyprexx coordinator orders the necessary materials, they will send you a  Once you receive the materials, it is time to  


  • Cyprexx will provide most all of the handrail parts to be installed.
  • Cyprexx will provide all of the tools you will need in order to complete the installation.
  • You will be responsible for purchasing the handrail materials to be installed.
  • Proper safety gear should always be worn when completing a handrail installation.

(?) Typically, the rails and posts installed will be

  • white in color.
  • bronze in color.

(?) Handrails should be installed

  • on the left side of the door.
  • on the same side as the door knob.
  • on the right side.
  • only at night.

(?) Which of the photos below show the 'base-mount' option?

Select the correct photo.

(?) Drag-and-drop each term into the correct position in the photo below.

  • Post
  • Rail
  • Bracket

Congratulations! You have reached the end of this course.




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