cure a hang over in 5

Everyone likes to have a good time. But, sometimes even good times can turn bad, when cocktails are involved. In this lesson you learn how to cure a hangover by following some simple steps. Be back on the dance floor in no time at all. 

Retracing our Steps: Where did we go wrong?

Finally finished that research paper for Dr. Rocco? How will you celebrate?

  • Go drinking
  • Sleep
  • Binge watch the new season of Mad Men
  • Cry

Let's review the night

  • Had several cocktails
  • Took a variety of shots
  • Danced the night away
  • Got bloated from too much beer
  • Beer replaced water
  • Do jello shots count as food?

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Part 1 -The morning after steps to recovery

Morning isn't shinning as bright as you'd hope

Here are some guidelines to curing that nasty hangover...

Step 1: Water

Hydrate! Water can lessen the severity of headaches, fatigue, nausea, and confusion. 

Step 2: Sprite

Have some Sprite! Believe it or not, in a recent study, researchers found that sprite helps the body metabolize alcohol by speeding our ability to process ALDH (aldehyde dehydrogenase)  

Step 3: Ginger or Peppermint Tea

Nauseous? Get your tea on. Tea helps settle your stomach.

Step 4: Asparagus

Get those greens! Amino acids in asparagus improve the speed of how your cells break down alcohol while protecting liver cells. 

Step 5: Bananas and Pretzels

Have a snack? These options contain salt and potassium that are full of electrolytes and carbohydrates which depleted during your night out drinking.

Are you ready to cure your hangover?

Check your Understanding

  • Hydrate?
    Drink some water!
  • Soothe that tummy?
    Drink some Tea
  • Have a snack?
    Pick up a banana and some pretzels
  • Speed up the alcohol breakdown?
    Munch on some asparagus
  • Speed up ADLH
    Take a sip of Sprite