During this course you are going to learn what a function is and how to prove that something is a function from a t-chart.

What is a function?

A function is where every x-value goes to exactly one y-value.

What is a function?

  • Every y-value goes to one x-value
  • Every x-value goes to one y-value
  • Every value goes to a y value
  • There is no set standard to make something a function.

What information do you need to be a function?

To know if something is a function you must have or know the x-values and the y-values. This means make a t-chart.

What information does a t-chart tell us?

  • The y and x values, damian and range
  • The y values only
  • The x values only
  • None of the above

Example of a T-Chart

How to create a t-chart

You must have the x and y values

  • The x and y values must be on the t-chart
  • You do not have to label a t-chart

The x-value represents the domain and the y-value represents the range.

The -value represents the domain and the -value represents the range.

How do you set up a t-chart?