Making Tea

Let's learn how to make a decent cup of tea

Tea first or milk first?

The Great Tea Debate

Tealosophy - Discord Reigns

Some tealosophers argue that adding hot water before milk results in a richer flavour and proves the quality of their porcelain.

Others hold that adding milk before hot water prevents the proteins in the milk from becoming denatured, resulting in a richer flavour.



Some tealosophers add the teabag first because

  • they believe it results in a richer flavour.
  • they don't know how to make tea.
  • they want to show how good quality their cups are.
  • they are afraid of milk.

Some tealosophers add milk first because

  • they don't know how to make tea.
  • it results in a richer flavour.
  • it prevents the proteins in the milk from becoming denatured.
  • they love milk.

Let's get brewing

100 Degrees or Nothing!

Boiling Water

Add freshly boiled water onto your tea to get those juices going. 

Black tea needs a full boil for maximum tea-based goodness. 

Then, steep for 3-4 minutes.

The water should be

  • lukewarm.
  • boiling hot.

Steep the tea for

  • 3 - 4 seconds.
  • 3 - 4 minutes.

Gimme some sugar

Sugar daradatadata

The Sweet Life

Like life, tea can be bitter. But fear not! Sugar is here.

Sugar has a high calorie content and can give you a much needed energy boost.

In tea, it can balance out the bitterness.

Add one or two teaspoons of sugar to achieve bittersweet balance.

We add sugar because

  • we are working class.
  • it balances out the bitterness in the tea.
  • it gives us an energy boost.
  • we couldn't find the salt.



Nectar of the Cows

In the past, milk was added to prevent teacups from cracking under the heat of the water. 

With the advent of IKEA (cough), our cups can withstand solar temperatures but we continue to add milk. Why?

Milk reduces the bitter flavour caused by tannins released by black tea. (Sometimes being sweet is not enough)

Milk is added because

  • cows must be robbed of all they have.
  • we didn't boil enough water and we need a full cup.
  • it balances out the bitter flavour of the tea.

Stir it up

The Importance of Stirring

"Did you stir this?"

Translation: Your tea is awful.

We stir the tea to make sure the sugar dissolves and does not settle. 

Milk, being heavier than water, also tends to sit at the top or bottom of the cup depending on when added.

 A brisk stir results in perfectly blended flavours.

We stir the tea because

  • we like the sound of the spoon tinkling against the cup.
  • sugar and milk tend to sit above or below the water if not stirred.
  • it helps blend the flavours.
  • it disguises the taste of deadly poison.



Tea is served!

You're a veritable tea master! 

Go forth and cleanse the world of its tea related sins.